The Best Menswear Solution Depends on the Dating Course! A closer look at


The Best Menswear Solution Depends on the Dating Course! A closer look at

Whether it is a first date with someone you have feelings for, or a date with a girlfriend you are already dating or a date with your wife with whom you are going to share your life, the relationship and situation with the other person may be different, but ” I want to make a good impression on the other person! There is no man who does not want to make a good impression on his partner. It goes without saying that a smart and gentlemanly escort and pleasant conversation are important, but equally important is the “outfit. We conducted a survey on “date attire,” and here are some of the shocking findings. Following the last issue’s “What’s Not to Wear” and “What’s Popular” tips, this issue introduces the optimal men’s coordination for each date course!

50 women who work in central Tokyo talk about their true feelings without any discovery! What kind of clothing is not appropriate for a date?

First of all, while there are many different types of dates, I would like to mention in advance that I have focused on “dates between men and women” for this issue.

What is important in this theme is how to uncover the hidden true feelings that women do not express to the men they date face-to-face. In this study, we conducted a 20-minute interview with 50 women working in the central Tokyo area, including Marunouchi, Roppongi, Shibuya, Shinagawa, and Shimbashi, and asked them to reveal their true feelings.

In addition, the survey asked 50 women working in the Marunouchi, Roppongi, Shibuya, Shinagawa, Shinbashi, and other areas of Tokyo to give their honest and unadulterated opinions. We get at women’s “naked true feelings.”

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(1) What is the correct attire for a date at a “fancy restaurant”?

Fine dining restaurants are perfect for anniversaries and special dates, where you can share a special experience that you cannot experience in everyday life. In an interview with women about what to wear on a date at such a high-class restaurant, the majority of the respondents answered, “It’s OK as long as you follow the dress code and dress nicely.

In most cases, the dress code at restaurants is ” smart casual,” and jackets are the basic style. Business suits are also acceptable, but a slightly more casual atmosphere would match the atmosphere of the restaurant and make it easier to spend a meaningful time with your partner.

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(1) What is the correct attire for a date at a “fancy restaurant”?

Although unrelated to men’s attire, a woman told us about her embarrassing experience of being taken to a fancy restaurant when she was dressed casually and was not told where she was going until the day of the event. She told us about her embarrassing experience.

If you take someone to a fancy restaurant without telling them anything in advance with the intention of surprising them, they may be unprepared and their attire may be out of place, which may cause them to feel embarrassed. Even in the case of a surprise, it is an ironclad rule to promise in advance that the date will be dressed in smart casual attire.

What should you wear for a date at an izakaya (Japanese-style pub)?

In contrast to a high-class restaurant, izakaya (Japanese-style pub) dates are best suited for a more casual atmosphere. It is often unpopular with women to wear overly formal clothes to an izakaya, where they can talk without feeling self-conscious, unless it is the end of a working day.

Ms. M (25 years old) from a trading company
I’m going to drink as much as I can today! On days like that, I am happy to wear clothes that are rough enough that I don’t mind getting them dirty. However, wearing a sweatshirt and loungewear is a bit too much. At the very least, I want you to keep your clothes clean.
Ms. H (25 years old) works in sales
I don’t like it when someone wears a suit or jacket outside of work. Rough clothes that are not too formal are ideal.

How to look stylish in a casual-down suit on an after-work date is the key to being popular!

Although it is said that suits are 30% more expensive than jackets, surprisingly, the casual dress was favored in this survey, perhaps due to the influence of the casualization wave. Nevertheless, there should be no shortage of opportunities to go on dates in suits or jackets after work. It is important to keep in mind the key points to achieve the suit style of a successful man that will win the heart of the person you are interested in.

Point 1: “A shirt that goes well with no tie.

Wearing a suit with no necktie takes you out of business mode and gives you a more informal impression. If you choose a shirt with a cutaway, button-down, or Italian collar that maintains a three-dimensional appearance around the face, you can be assured that your suit style will be more attractive than ever.

And if you have a date after work, choose a shirt that is one rank higher than usual. The care you take in dressing for a date that responds to the feelings of the person you are going to make up and dress up for the date will be conveyed without you having to go out of your way to say so, and should make a good impression.

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We also recommend incorporating a pocket chief to add a fashionable touch to the no-necktie look!

If you feel that your no-tie suit is lacking in style, you can add a pocket chief to your suit to add a stylish accent. Since there is no tie accent, it is easy to add a playful pattern to your suit, so we recommend that you try a design that you would not wear in a business suit.

Turnbull & Asser pocket chief

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Point 2: “Well-maintained, high-quality leather shoes.

The feet greatly influence the impression of a suit style. Just as businesspeople and hoteliers in Europe and the United States have the custom of observing shoes first and foremost in order to evaluate a partner’s value, feet are one of the points that are looked at on a date, even more so than in Japan.

If you wear high quality leather shoes with an austere luster that have been polished without neglecting maintenance, you are sure to be noticed not only at work but also by the person you are interested in.

Ms. A (24), sales clerk
If the shoes you wear with your suit are well cared for, you can imagine that this person must be able to do a good job. However, I don’t like men who wear shoes with pointed toes even if they are well-maintained. I wish they would avoid wearing them on dates!

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Point 3: “Perfume that creates a freshness that doesn’t make you think it’s the end of the workday.”

After work, it is the smell that is inevitably bothering you. Especially if you are on a date after an active day of work, you can be sure that your partner is aware of your odor, even if he/she doesn’t point it out.

In addition to taking care of body odor with deodorant, you can also put on a refreshing perfume when you get close to your partner.

Designer N-san (27)
I don’t like harsh body odor, so I like men who wear perfume. I think it’s nice when someone wears a fresh scent, even at night, because it shows consideration for those around them!

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