7 great set-ups to match the suit and sneakers style


7 great set-ups to match the suit and sneakers style

The suit and sneaker styling has become a familiar look by now. If you go to the trouble, you want to get a set-up that perfectly matches your favorite suit-and-sneakers style. In this issue, we will introduce you to seven of our favorite set-up suits!

The suit and sneakers style is now a men’s global standard!

The “suit,” synonymous with men’s dress wear, and the “sneaker,” the representative of casual shoes, have become a men’s staple. It is no exaggeration to say that this “unique combination,” which only a few fashionistas used to wear a decade ago, has now become a global standard. The variations continue to expand, from a sporty, casual look with a cut-and-sew to a more daring look with a dress shirt tied up and sneakers on the feet.

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