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Dissecting the appeal of Daniel Craig’s suit style! [ 007 James Bond ]


Dissecting the appeal of Daniel Craig's suit style! [ 007 James Bond ]

The 007 series is immensely popular in Japan. Daniel Craig was rumored to be leaving the role of James Bond after the release of Spectre in 2015, but it has been officially announced that he will appear in the next film, scheduled for release in November 2019. There are many things to see in 007, but perhaps the best part is Bond’s suit style. In this issue, we introduce Daniel Craig’s cool suit style, which is expected to be featured in the next Bond film!

Daniel Craig is ” the man who overturned the image of 007 James Bond and defied bashing.

Daniel Craig is an actor born in England on March 2, 1968. At 178 cm in height, he is not small by any means, but he looks a little short compared to the 185-190 cm Bonds of the past. His short blonde hair and well-developed body were a major departure from the image of previous Bonds, and at first he had a lot of anti-bond fans.

However, he played the role of Bond perfectly, and his films “Casino Royale,” “Quantum of Solace,” “Skyfall,” and “Spectre” all achieved great box-office success. He has successfully defied the “not worthy of Bond” bashing.

Daniel Craig’s suit brand has changed from ” Brioni to Tom Ford.

For the five films from the previous Pierce Brosnan film to “Casino Royale,” in which Daniel Craig made his debut as James Bond, the finest Italian brand “Brioni” provided the costumes. Related articles▶︎ jacket brands [15 choices from Italy, the home of the jacket]
However, it was later changed and for the three films “Quantum of Solace,” “Skyfall” and “Spectre,” it was the American luxury brand “Tom Ford. All suits, tuxedos, shirts, bow ties, knitwear, sunglasses, etc. are custom-made in Italy. Mr. Tom Ford, the founder of the brand, is a very talented man who, after rekindling the Gucci boom as a designer, also served as creative director of Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche, a prêt-à-porter line. He is known for his urban design suits that follow classic techniques and details, and are worn on the red carpet by celebrities and stars from around the world.

Bond suit changed from Brioni to Tom Ford

The fashion industry is already speculating about the next film’s costumes, and Janie Timime, costume designer for Skyfall and Spectre, is in the spotlight. Since Bond is set to be British, she said that she chose a suit that is slim and conforms to Bond’s body, focusing on ” just looking beautiful,” and Tom Ford is the ideal brand for this purpose. He also said that at this point he has not decided who will be in charge of his next costume, but if he is chosen again, he would like to show Bond in an evolved costume while focusing on the same silhouette. 007 has attracted a great deal of attention not only for the content of his films but also for his costumes, and we wonder what kind of Bond style he will show us in his next film.

Daniel Craig’s suit style: “Suits are designed to fit the body, with a single gray or navy suit as the main feature.

Although Bond wears a variety of suit styles in each series and scene, his suits are basically a slim-fitting mode design with a slimmer body and lapels. The change of costume supplier to Tom Ford has strengthened this trend, and it beautifully complements Bond’s body. In particular, the windowpane plaid gray suit that he wears from the beginning of the latest film “Spectre” is extremely narrow from the shoulders to the waist, and the length is short enough to cover about 2/3 of the hips. He wears single-breasted suits in most of the films in which he appears, and rarely wears double-breasted suits. The collar is basically a classic notched lapel.

The color of the suit is navy and gray, which is the basic color of not only Bond’s suits but also business suits. Black is only worn for tuxedos. Related article: ▶︎ wedding attire [Is it insane in the world to wear a black suit?

Daniel Craig’s suiting style: “The jacket, with its British classic details throughout, is also a sign of ‘character’.

It is said that the first and third 007 Bonds were provided with suits by the tailors of “Savile Row” in England, the mecca of the traditional English suit. However, “Brioni” and “Tom Ford,” which provide Daniel Craig with Bond suits, are not even British brands, let alone Savile Row. With this in mind, it is worth noting that classic British details such as side vents, built-up shoulders, slant pockets, and change pockets (small pockets above the hip pockets) are used here and there. It can be seen that the brand is particular about keeping the British style while incorporating the latest mode.

Daniel Craig wears a suit: “The fabric is of the highest quality, and the quality of each suit has improved with the evolution of spinning technology.

The items that Bond wears must meet the condition of being ” the best in the world. The suits he wears are not only tailored and designed, but the fabrics are also top-notch. The use of high count, ultra-fine threads allows the fabric to fit the body with suppleness, and the luster and texture are distinctly different from those of other fabrics. The details of the Bond suit are unknown because it is a special order, but Tom Ford has a partnership with Zegna, so we can assume that it is made of Zegna fabrics. It is interesting to see the gradual evolution of spinning technology through the transition of fabrics.

Daniel Craig’s suiting style: “White and blue tab-collar shirts are frequently used.

Some classic suit aficionados may say that “anything other than a wide spread collar is a bad idea,” but the frequent use of tab collar shirts, which are often seen in modern English style, is also a characteristic of Bond’s character, played by Daniel Craig. The color of the shirts is very simple, with plain white or blue shirts or woven patterns. Of course, he also wears the standard widespread shirts, but he often wears them with cufflinks for a dressy look.

Daniel Craig’s suiting style: “A cold dark-colored narrow tie with a plain knot and a firm dimple.

The rule is that “the width of the tie should match the width of the jacket lapel,” so naturally, many narrow ties are worn with narrow lapel suits. The main colors of ties are dark tones, mainly cold colors such as gray and navy, and the V-zone is tightened in this style. Many men do not make this style for thin ties, but it is Daniel Craig’s style to make a firm dimple. Related article: ▶︎ How to tie a necktie [ 5 tips for a stylish look ].

When not choosing a dark-toned suit, it is important to note that the tie is balanced by choosing a tie in the same color as the suit. Even when patterns are incorporated, they look chic with understated woven stripes, dots, checkerboard patterns, etc. There is no sporty regimental tie worn by anyone. Related article: ▶︎ Regimental striped ties are misleading!

A blue silk tie was worn with a dark gray suit. The suit style features slant pockets, a design originally incorporated into traditional English riding jackets, and the details of this outfit give it a subtle British taste.

Daniel Craig’s suit style: “Pocket chief in square white

White silk pocket chiefs are the standard in suit styles. This style, which is not too assertive and can be worn anywhere, is perfect for the enterprising Bond, and has been a tradition since Sean Connery, the first Bond. It is a style that businessmen should definitely adopt.

Daniel Craig’s suit style: “The tuxedo is a playful take on a classic design.

James Bond is also an icon of the tuxedo. In Skyfall, he wore a shawl-collar tuxedo, but in Spectre, he has adopted a peaked lapel one, and he also wears a variety of tuxedo designs. The tuxedo worn at the royal premiere to celebrate the release of Spectre is an authentic black design with a red boutonniere. In the film, James Bond wears a two-button tuxedo.

DAVIEL CRAIG’s suit outfit ” James Bond’s watch is OMEGA.

At the Berlin premiere of Skyfall, Daniel Craig appeared wearing OMEGA’s Speedmaster. The watches worn by James Bond started with ROLEX and went through brands such as HAMILTON PULSER and SEIKO, but the watch worn by Bond today is OMEGA. OMEGA’s Seamaster 300 is also used in Spectre. Daniel Craig wears OMEGA when he plays Bond, of course, but he seems to prefer ROLEX in his private life and on occasions unrelated to 007.

Daniel Craig’s suit style: “I wear John Lobb, Crockett & Jones, and Church black leather shoes for my important feet.

After all, it is the leather shoes that make a suit style stand out. Daniel Craig wears different brands for each series. In response to the way he dresses, he wears a variety of designs, including straight-tip shoes with an inside sole, plain-toe shoes with an outside sole, monk straps, wingtips, and boots, but the color black is the most common color. Six pairs of Crockett & Jones are featured in Spectre.

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