Setup Special! Introducing the latest coordinates & items for men!


Setup Special! Introducing the latest coordinates & items for men!

In addition to the commonly recognized suit, a set-up is an excellent way to create a unified look without any coordination gimmicks, and is the general term for a wardrobe that includes denim and jerseys. In addition to the wide variety of designs and materials available, set-ups can be worn as individual items, from dress to casual, from sports to work, and can be coordinated with a variety of styles in the fastest possible time. In this issue, we focus on “set-up coordinates” and introduce some of the hottest outfits and items!

Suit-type set-up is the best solution for expressing an adult men’s coordinate with sneakers

A set-up with a tailored collar jacket and center-crease slacks is the best solution when expressing a classy men’s sneaker coordinate. Simply set a T-shirt as an inner layer and add clean white sneakers to complete the sophisticated suit and sneaker coordinate.

Chiriccolo’s set-up is an excellent piece with ease and elegance. They are perfect for adult men’s coordination.

Chiriccolo has quickly become a hot topic among fashionistas for its cut-and-sew fabrics that have the tailoring performance of woven fabrics. The set-up is also superbly finished, and while it is comfortable and easy to wear, it also creates a classy mood. The director of the brand is also a fan, and it looks just like a woven set-up. It is said that many people are surprised at first glance at the high degree of perfection, which is not apparent unless you look closely. It is available in solid colors as well as in a glen check pattern like the one shown in this snapshot.

Setups have a complete style, so you can match patterned items with them and still have a cool men’s coordinate!

One of the features of this set-up is that the template for the top and bottom pieces allows the style to be almost complete just by wearing it. Since there is no need to worry about unity in the matching items, men’s coordination can be expressed without discomfort even with patterned items such as in this coordinating outfit.


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