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Men’s coordination of sweatpants & 7 recommended brands


Men's coordination of sweatpants & 7 recommended brands

Sweatpants” are now indispensable men’s wear, not only for sports and athleisure styles, but also for adding a touch of sophistication to a more elegant outfit. On the other hand, it is also a fact that they require a little ingenuity in order to look good. In this issue, we introduce tips on how to wear sweatpants, model snaps, recommended brands, and other information on the theme of sweatpants coordination.

The only concern with sweatpantsSweatpants can easily look like loungewear

Sweatpants are recognized as a fashion item, but there are some disadvantages such as ” can easily look like loungewear ” and ” can look too much like sportswear and other disadvantages.” To wear sweatpants fashionably, it is necessary to successfully resolve such disadvantages. The following is a concrete method of wearing sweatpants in a fashionable manner.

How to avoid making sweatpants look like loungewear (1)Add a beautiful element with tops and outerwear

By combining items that have a beautiful impression opposite to sweatpants, such as jackets, dress shirts and Chester coats, This will make the coordination look less like loungewear and easily lead to a sophisticated impression. Sweatpants are positioned as a so-called “casual” item, giving a more mature impression. The most common color for sweatpants is wooden gray, which has the most casual and sporty look. However, by wearing these wooden gray sweatpants with a white dress shirt, as shown in the snapshot below, the look of fashionable clothing is given.

To see how other beautiful items can be combined with sweatshirts, please refer to the snaps below, which were taken by the OTOKOMAE editorial department.


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