What are 5 ways to make a denim shirt coordinate more stylish?


What are 5 ways to make a denim shirt coordinate more stylish?

The denim shirt is a staple item for men that can be expected to play a wide range of roles as a mainstay top in spring and summer. Because it is a staple item, it is important to keep in mind the techniques and ideas for creating a sophisticated impression by choosing items to match and arranging the outfit. In this issue, we introduce five ways to wear a denim shirt coordinate with a sophisticated look!

(1) Create a denim-on-denim coordinate with a denim shirt and jeans! It is easy to incorporate by shifting the color of the top and bottom

The denim-on-denim style is a typical example of martial styling. The combination of a denim jacket and jeans is a classic, but how about the option of trying it with a denim shirt? You can wear denim shirts and denim-on-denim style with a sophisticated look. Moreover, denim shirts are perfect for mature men’s wear, as they are rugged and yet have a somewhat classy mood. Denim-on-denim is often seen as a high hurdle to overcome, but by shifting the colors of the top and bottom, such as blue and white like the gentleman shown here, the hurdle to adoption will be lowered considerably.

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Denim-on-denim" is a well-known coordination technique in which denim fabric items are used to unify the top and bottom ...

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