Two-Block x Long Hair: Styling Tips and Examples for Men’s Edgy and Attractive Hairstyles


Two-Block x Long Hair: Styling Tips and Examples for Men's Edgy and Attractive Hairstyles

Long hair is attractive because it gives a unique and sexy impression, but on the other hand, it tends to be voluminous and mossy. To solve this crying need, it is effective to use two-block hairstyles to create a lighter look. In this issue, we will introduce examples of hairstyles and styling techniques based on the theme of ” two-block x long hair.

What is the appeal of two-block x long hair?

The appeal of the two-block hairstyle is that it creates a light and clean impression by combining it with long hair, which tends to be heavy. Depending on the shape of the head and the hair’s curvature, the hair may spread to the sides as it grows longer, but by keeping the sides short, the volume can be calmed down. Another feature of this combination is the ability to create a crisp hairstyle when hair is pulled over the ears or tied back. Recommended for those who want an edgy hairstyle and those who want to enjoy long hair with moderate volume.

Points to keep in mind for two-block x long hair

The first thing to keep in mind is the frequency of maintenance. In particular, if the two-block part is not maintained, the side part may float and the silhouette may collapse, so it should be maintained once every 1~2 months. It is also important to take good care of damaged hair as with normal long hair. Dryness and split ends can greatly affect the clean look of the hair, so it is essential to moisturize the hair with treatments, conditioners, and other hair care products on a regular basis.

10 choices of long hair with a two-block haircut that will make you more attractive as an adult! Introducing styling products and tips on how to set hair!

Here are some recommended two-block x long hairstyles. One of its charms is that it is easy to arrange hair, so be sure to refer to the styling tips as well.

Two Blocks x Long Recommended Men’s Hair ① “Semi-long style with a deep blue tone for both individuality and masculinity.

The most distinctive feature of this style is the combination of bleached hair with a low tone gray-silver to create a blue-black look. At first glance, it looks like black hair, but when it is exposed to light, the transparent coloring appears, creating a casually stylish look. This person has combined double color with a perm, but if you are concerned about damage or want to grow your hair further, you can recreate it with a hair iron or iron.

▶︎ Styling tips

To enhance the cool color, use a wet styling product to bring out the luster. Dry one side of the hair over the ear while controlling volume, then rub hair gel mainly into the hair ends to accentuate the texture of the curls. For a different look, try a center parting style.

Recommended styling products for this haircut: ▶︎ “ARIMINO bs Styling Freeze Keep Gel”

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Two-Block x Long Recommended Men’s Hair (2) “Nuanced curly long hair with a hidden side cut for a wild charm “.

The side of the hair is trimmed to about 1mm, creating a distinct contrast with the long part of the hair. The nuanced perm gives a relaxed, mature impression, while the glimpse of the hair cut adds a touch of sexiness. It is also worth noting that the hair is lightened with a little color to create a softer atmosphere. This is a good choice for those who want to try long hair that is not hard and masculine, but has a more mature, angular look.

▶︎ Styling tips

Since the perm has created movement, simply put it together while adding shine with hair oil to complete the look. Apply hair oil mainly to the ends of towel-dried hair and wrap the hair in the palm of your hand to create the texture of the perm. The key to an elegant finish is to use a moist type of hair oil that easily produces shine and a sense of weight.

Recommended styling products for this haircut: ▶︎ “Davines Authentic Oil”

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Tousbloc x Long Recommended men’s hair 3: “Wild long hair with bold permed movement enhanced by trimming and wet texture.

Add a two-block to long hair with dynamic curls and a wet texture to create a wild look. The sides are trimmed and cleared around the ears to create a tight silhouette that balances the overall look. A beard is sure to match the hair style, which has a great impact with its flashy movement, wet texture, and the crispness of the two-block style. However, if even the clothes you wear with it pack too much of a punch, it will be too severe, so be sure to keep a good balance between the two.

▶︎ Styling Tips

After drying your hair with a towel to remove some of the moisture, part it so that it forms a center part in the middle of your forehead. Then, spread hair gel all over your hands and rub it in starting from the ends of the hair to blend it in. Brush hair back so that it hangs over the ears and let it dry naturally. A hard type of hair gel with a strong wet look is recommended.

Recommended styling products for this haircut: ▶︎ “Nakano Modernica Freeze Hard Gel”

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Two-Block x Long Recommended men’s hair 4: “Brilliant balayage hair with natural two-block accents.

Balayage color has more bright areas than highlights and gives a gorgeous impression. It is characterized by its high-toned milk tea ash color and graceful curl movement. The highlight of the technique is that the perm is not applied after the high-tone color, but rather it is applied stronger, taking into account that it will fall out. A two-block with moderate length would be perfect for a clean finish with understated crispness.

▶︎ Styling tips

The trick is to use a moist type of hair oil to moisturize and add shine. After towel drying, rub about 3 drops of hair oil from the middle of the hair to the ends, and then dry the hair with a hair dryer so that it flows backwards. Don’t forget to use a regular hair treatment as well, as perms and high-toned colors can cause damage. If you are worried about dryness when styling, try a hair milk.

Recommended styling products for this haircut: ▶︎ “nAplA nDot Polishing Oil”

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Two Blocks x Long Recommended men’s hair 5: “An urban style with an airy texture and an air of ennui.

The trendy mash wolf is made long and nuanced perm is applied, and the sides are trimmed to give it a fluffy finish. The key point is that the hair is not just black but ash-black to create a cozy look. Long hair that is not elegant and mature, but has a modern feel to it, will match the younger generation in particular.

▶︎ Styling tips

To create a soft and fluffy look while adding shine, we recommend choosing a light hair oil. After towel-drying, blend in hair oil and dry gently to enhance curls. You can also create a rough hairstyle by scrunching up the bangs or tying them back.

Styling products recommended for this haircut: ▶︎ “hoyu NiNE Multi-Styling Oil Light”

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Two-Block x Long Recommended men’s hair 6 “Blonde long wolves with a sophisticated presence

A long wolf style with layers for lightness and a sharp texture finished with a brand new look. Because most long hair is permed to accentuate the fluffy look, a simple design like this one is perfect for creating a unique presence. The key point is that the hairline and sides of the hair are darkened to create a sense of loose hair and a sense of fullness. The natural-looking blonde hair without any spikes goes perfectly with mature and beautiful coordinates.

▶︎ Styling tips

Since bleach has damaged the hair, we recommend using a hair balm with a heavier texture than hair oil to moisturize while styling. For strong frizzy hair, use a hair iron to straighten it out, and for loose frizzy hair, apply heat from a hair dryer while pulling lightly. If bleaching leaves a reddish or yellowish tint, it is best to use a color treatment of the opposite color to take care of it.

Recommended styling products for this haircut: ▶︎ “BOTANIST Botanical Hair Balm”

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Two Blocks x Long Recommended Men’s Hair (7) “A fresh long style with a beachy, resort-like feel.

This long hair has a sporty and mature West Coast style. The natural movement of the modest curls and the contrasting vibrancy of the highlights create an indescribably sexy look. It will suit casual fashion as well as formal attire for a luxurious finish.

▶︎ Styling tips

After applying a light hair oil, dry hair quickly while scrunching it up. The key is to have an image of a rough finish so as not to be overly conscious of creating a cohesive look. The wavy texture of the hair can be used to create a mambo style, and a wet finish with hair gel will surely suit the look.

Recommended styling products for this haircut: ▶︎ “LIPPS Styling Oil”

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Two Blocks x Long Recommended Men’s Hair (8) “Create a stylish look with a spiral perm and highlights.

A strong spiral perm and highlights create a strong presence and a stylish look. The curls are full of movement and playfulness, so you don’t feel the heaviness that is characteristic of long hair. Also, the spiral curls are accentuated by using fine highlights scattered around the ends of the hair. Another advantage of the strong perm style is that you can enjoy the change in atmosphere as the perm fades.

▶︎ Styling tips

A dry texture will spoil the clean look, so it is recommended to use hair grease to create a wet finish. Rub in styling product while a little moisture remains to accentuate the movement of the curls, then shape the silhouette to complete the look. For a different look, use the length of the hair to create an all-back look or tie it up.

Recommended styling products for this haircut: ▶︎ “Sakamoto Koseido Cool Grease G”

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Two-tone long hair recommended for men (9) “High-tone long wavy hair with a playful and unique coloring “.

This is a hairstyle that creates an overwhelming sense of individuality by using two-tone coloring to create a long wolf with a very stylish and sophisticated look. High tones are applied to cover the inner dark tones to accentuate the layered bumps and enhance the texture of the wolf. Another key point is the use of Illumina color to accentuate the transparency and control the flamboyance of the odd color. Although it is difficult to choose the right clothes to match, take advantage of the strong presence of the silhouette and color to create an original style.

▶︎ Styling tips

Dry the entire hair from the scalp roots to create a natural hair flow, and blend in light hair wax. Softly rub in to create a bunchy look, and finish by adjusting the silhouette of the bangs. Do not forget to let the hair hang outward at the collar.

Recommended styling products for this haircut: ▶︎ “OCEAN TRICO Hair Wax Natural Loose x Keep”

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Two-Block x Long Recommended Men’s Hair 10 “Skin-fade man bun with a martial and masculine vibe.

If you are looking for a wild hairstyle, how about wearing curly long hair in a man bun x skin fade? The key point is that the combination of skin-fade’s crisp masculinity and wavy curls creates a loose, mature look. If you want a milder finish, you can use a fade cut from about 0.3mm instead of a skin fade, no problem.

▶︎ Styling Tips

The key to a mamba style is to use hair grease or other wetting agent to make it easier to put together. Use your hands or a coarse comb to keep the hair from stretching out the perm, then put it together just a little above the cut. The frequency of maintenance is important for skin fade, so you may use clippers to take care of it yourself.

Recommended styling products for this haircut: ▶︎ “Nichiri Cool Grease Pericia EX HARD”

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