Clutch bags that look great with plain T-shirts!


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Clutch bags that look great with plain T-shirts!

Common Projects White Medium Cracked Flat Pouch

The cracked look of white paint coated on black leather is an exquisite accent.

“Common Projects” is known as a brand that develops high quality sneakers. In addition to sneakers, bags and accessories are also hidden gems. This clutch bag is just the right size to hold valuables such as a cell phone and wallet, and the black leather base is painted white to give it an edge. The cracked look gives the bag a moderately rough atmosphere, making it easy to blend in with casual styles such as T-shirts and jeans despite the classy white bag at a glance.

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GIVENCHY Nylon Pouch

The harmony of stripes and blue lines is elegant.

From Givenchy’s Resort collection, we picked up a nylon clutch bag with multiple fresh blue lines. The bag has a strong presence while maintaining an elegant atmosphere that will surely elevate your T-shirt style to a more grown-up level. The attention to detail, such as the brand’s engraving on the metal fittings, is also enchanting.

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