ALOHA COLLECTION waterproof clutch bags and pouches for the beach and city!


ALOHA COLLECTION waterproof clutch bags and pouches for the beach and city!

Once the rainy season ends, full-blown summer will arrive! Many men will be spending more active weekends at the beach, in the mountains, or at festivals. In this issue, we introduce some items from “ALOHA COLLECTION” that will come in handy during such seasons!

What is Aloha Collection?

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Aloha collection is a unisex brand founded in 2014 by two female surfers for those who love the ocean. Heather, born in Kauai, Hawaii, and Rachel, born in California, started the brand through the crowdfunding ” Kickstarter. As surfers, they wanted to carry their wet swimsuits easily and fashionably after going on land, so they invented a pouch made of Tyvek, which is lightweight, waterproof, and water-resistant. The pouch was designed to be lightweight, waterproof, and water-resistant. Its superior design and functionality quickly made it a popular item among highly-sensitive surfers.

Based on the concept of “carrying wet items stylishly after surfing,” the company has developed a number of products with a message for people who enjoy active lifestyles, such as trips, running, yoga, gym, and saps. Aloha collection’s mission is to support active lifestyles and protect the environment. 5% of annual profits are donated to environmental organizations in Hawaii to help protect Hawaii’s natural environment.

Aloha collection adopts ” TYVEK ” functionality perfect for summer

Aloha Collection Recommended

Aloha collection uses “TYVEK,” a high-density polyethylene non-woven fabric developed by E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company (DuPont) of the United States. The material is characterized by its ” light weight, ” water resistance, ” high strength, ” and breathability. In addition, the fact that it is hand-washable is useful for leisure use such as at the beach.


[Aloha Collection] ALOHA COLLECTION Pouch S Limited

Although the Aloha Collection does not have a product name ” clutch bag,” many people use the pouch as a clutch bag. This S size is 17 cm (H) x 21 cm (W) x 4 cm (D), so it is the perfect size for storing the minimum necessary items such as “wallet,” “phone,” “cigarettes,” and “keys. Small clutches are trendy this season, so this bag is perfect for around town use.

Aloha Collection()

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[Aloha Collection] ALOHA COLLECTION Pouch S

The basic line with anchors (anchors) and the brand logo is available in many monotone colors, making it easy to match with men’s fashion. This item can also be used as a travel pouch and would make a great gift.

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[Aloha Collection] ALOHA COLLECTION Pouch M Limited

It is larger than the S, measuring 22 cm (H) x 30 cm (W) x 4 cm (D). In addition to a cell phone and wallet, it is large enough to hold a swimsuit, mini towel tablet, etc.

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[Aloha Collection] ALOHA COLLECTION Reversible Tote

The “reversible design” is convenient, allowing you to use it in different ways depending on your mood. Recommended for day trips to the beach. Size: 33 cm (length) x width (43 cm (top) x 30 cm (bottom)) x gusset 14 cm

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