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Gurkha Pants Coding Tips with Featured Snapshots!


Gurkha Pants Coding Tips with Featured Snapshots!

Gurkha pants (Gurkha trousers), which have their roots in the military, are an excellent product that combines masculinity and elegance. They are an item that gives a beautiful and stylish impression by highlighting the pleated details, side adjusters, and loose silhouette in a basic outfit with the top tucked in. In this issue, we focus on the “Gurkha pants” and introduce the key points of how to wear them, men’s coordinates from overseas as a reference, and recommended items from standard brands!

Roots in Military.

While beltless pants with side adjusters have been attracting attention due to the recent return to the classics, Gurkha pants with military roots are gaining popularity. Gurkha pants have their roots in military pants worn by Nepalese soldiers called Gurkha soldiers, and are characterized by pleated details and a wide belt that can be taken out. The relaxed silhouette is one of the appeals of these pants, and they are one of the pants that best fit the current mood. At Pitti Uomo, a men’s fashion fair where buyers from all over the world gather, fashionable people were seen wearing Gurkha pants in their outfits.

Find Gurkha Pants

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Both masculine and elegant!Gurkha pants are the perfect way to express a mature colonial style

If you want to express the colonial style, which is considered the origin of the elegant sporty style, Gurkha pants are one of the best ways to achieve both masculinity and elegance. Compared to cargo pants and jeans, which are typically rugged pants, Gurkha pants give a more elegant impression, making them ideal for wearing with jackets. In particular, dark-colored models such as black, navy, and charcoal gray, as shown in the images picked up here, can be worn in a modern urban-colonial style.

Gurkha Pants Wearing Points (1)Tuck in tops to accentuate the design around the waist

When wearing shirts, T-shirts, polo shirts, etc. with Gurkha pants, it is fashionable to tuck in the hems to accentuate the waist design unique to Gurkha pants. The fashionable person’s usual method is to tuck in the hem to accentuate the design around the waist, which is unique to Gurkha pants. If the top is tucked out, the side adjusters and pleats will be hidden and the Gurkha pants will not stand out as well as they should. If you choose to wear them tucked in, it is recommended that you choose a short-length top to show off the decorations around the waist.

Gurkha Pants Wearing Points (2)Emphasize military-derived masculinity by wearing khaki or olive green

To emphasize the ruggedness of styling with Gurkha pants, use earth colors such as khaki, olive green, mocha, camel and beige. If you want to emphasize the ruggedness of the styling of Gurkha pants, it is best to use earth colors such as khaki, olive green, mocha, camel and beige. The item has its roots in military pants, so earth colors such as khaki and beige are reminiscent of the military and emphasize the masculinity of the item even more.

Gurkha Pants Wearing Points (3)Match them with a white shirt for a clean look

Because they are classic beltless pants, Gurkha pants look great with a white shirt and are also good for expressing a clean, colonial style. The Gurkha pants, however, are basically designed to be worn with a clean look, and the short length of the Gurkha pants is the standard for keeping the legs clean and uncluttered.

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