Three ways to use pocket T’s for more summer coordinate ideas


Three ways to use pocket T's for more summer coordinate ideas

Pocket T-shirts are useful in several ways, both functionally and in terms of design. In this issue, we will introduce how to utilize pocket T-shirts with examples of actual outfits!

How to use pocket T-shirts (1) “Use the breast pocket as an accent in a summer coordinate that tends to be simple.

Summer coordinates tend to be simple, as in the classic summer style of a plain white T-shirt and jeans. Simple is best, and of course that is fine, but there are times when you may want to add an accent. In such cases, pocket T-shirts are useful. Unlike a T-shirt with a one-point logo on the chest, a pocket T-shirt can add an accent to a simple coordinate without going beyond the boundaries of a plain T-shirt.

Editor Izumi
I like one-point logo T-shirts and have many of them, but some designs have colors in them, so sometimes I can’t get into them when I want to integrate them into a monotone coordinate that completely eliminates colored items. In such cases, pocket T-shirts are useful. I usually use Fruit of the Loom’s heavyweight poke tee with a boxy silhouette and thick, tough fabric.

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Pocket T – Utilizing the original function of pockets to stylishly store small items such as sunglasses

Pockets are originally for storing things, and although chest pockets on T-shirts are not that big, they are usually large enough to hold small items such as sunglasses, glasses, and handkerchiefs. While storing such eyewear or a chief of staff, there are also ways to make the pocket look stylish. For example, as shown in the snapshot here, one of the temples is hooked to the pocket and is placed out of the pocket, which is an example of a stylish way to use the pocket.

Editor Izumi
When you put your sunglasses in your breast pocket, if the pocket is wide enough, the sunglasses may unexpectedly move from side to side inside it. This can be a bit of a problem, but there are pocket T-shirts available on the market that are equipped with pockets for storing eyewear. For example, GENTLEMAN PROJECTS’ Sicily model has a layered construction with a larger pocket and a smaller pocket for stashing eyewear.

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Tucking your sunglasses into your chest pocket is a good way to reduce damage to your T-shirt!

Editor Izumi
When you go out wearing sunglasses, many of you probably take them off and pull them around your neck when indoors. I often do this myself, but sunglasses are surprisingly heavy, so if the collar part is made of a delicate material, the fabric may stretch as shown in the image. If it is a sturdy binder neck, it is fine, but if it is a soft ribbed material, it is better to avoid it, so the pocket of the T-shirt is useful in such cases.

Poke T – How to use it (3) “Raise the level of your T-shirt coordination by picking up the design of the pocket part.

Pocket T-shirts often have brand tags on the sides of the pockets or designs printed on the pocket fabric. By picking up these designs and coordinating them with other items, it is possible to create a highly fashionable style. In this reference snapshot, a poke T with a smiley design printed on the pocket is used, and a pair of ASICS sneakers in a color scheme that picks up the burgundy of the T-shirt and the yellow of the smiley on the feet completes the clever coloring style.

Editor Izumi
In terms of pocket T’s with brand logo tags, Carhartt is a well-known example. The distinctive mustard-colored logo can easily be used as an accent, so I think you can create a stylish summer coordinate just by linking the color with some other item.

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