3 Sweat Stain Prevention Strategies to Remember for Sweaty People Wearing Gray T-Shirts in the Summer


3 Sweat Stain Prevention Strategies to Remember for Sweaty People Wearing Gray T-Shirts in the Summer

Everyone, not to mention sweaty people with a high metabolism, are concerned about sweat stains on their clothes in the hot summer. In particular, gray T-shirts are often regarded as the most egregious of these, and many people avoid gray T-shirts in summer. Therefore, this time, the author, who is extremely sweaty, introduces three preventive measures that he takes when wearing gray T-shirts in summer!

Measures against gray T-shirts in summer (1) “Wear functional innerwear with excellent moisture absorption and quick-drying properties in layers.

Gray T-shirts are a summer peculiarity. Especially a light-colored gray T-shirt like this one stands out considerably because of the strong contrast with the color when it gets wet due to sweat soaking through. However, after hearing from people around me that wearing a summer inner layer makes sweat stains less noticeable and is also quite comfortable, I have come to enjoy wearing gray T-shirts in this way. I can now enjoy wearing gray T-shirts in that way.

Editor Izumi
If you wear a gray T-shirt nicely in the summer without sweat stains, you probably wear an inner layer underneath it most of the time. I used to think that it is absolutely impossible to wear layers in summer because it is too hot…, but it turns out that wearing a functional inner layer is actually cooler. In recent years, the technology of innerwear with excellent moisture absorption and quick-drying properties, such as UNIQLO’s Air Rhythm, has made remarkable progress, and many items are now available from major underwear manufacturer GUNZE and others. In addition to moisture absorption and quick-drying, there are many items that are designed so that layering does not become a yabob thing, such as seamless designs that make it difficult to tell that you are wearing layers, and U-neck items with a large open neck area.

Find SEEK innerwear

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Measures against gray T-shirts in summer (2) “Choose a dark-colored gray T-shirt that is less likely to show sweat stains.”

As mentioned in the previous section, sweat stains are more noticeable when the T-shirt is light in color. In general, light-colored T-shirts such as light gray, beige, and khaki are easily noticeable, while white, black, and dark-colored T-shirts are less likely to show a contrast between the wet and dry surfaces. Then, an effective solution would be to choose a dark-colored gray T-shirt such as charcoal gray from the beginning. Of course, sweat stains will still be visible to some extent, so the perfect preventive measure is to combine this with an inner layer.

Editor Izumi
I used to shy away from gray T-shirts, but by wearing innerwear and choosing darker colors, I have come to enjoy gray T-shirt coordinates over the past few years. I now feel that it is a shame that I have not practiced this for so long because of my resistance to wearing innerwear in the summer. I hope anyone who reads this with a similar mindset will give it a try!

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Measures against gray T-shirts in summer (3) “Pinpoint countermeasure goods for sweat stains on the sides

If you are concerned about pinpoint sweat stains such as underarm sweat, one way is to rely on special countermeasure goods. There are methods to suppress sweat with antiperspirants, but if you want to suppress sweat completely, it is recommended to physically shut it out using underarm sweat pads or the like. Sweat stains are especially noticeable on the underarms and do not present a good image, so if you are worried about this, please consider introducing such items.

Look for underarm sweat pads.

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