6 suggestions for creating a stylish look for plain big T-shirt coordinates


6 suggestions for creating a stylish look for plain big T-shirt coordinates

As the popularity of UNIQLO’s AIRISM cotton oversized T-shirt shows, a plain, big T-shirt is a standard item that is widely accepted by many people. Because it is a versatile item, we want to avoid looking tacky and aim for a good-looking outfit that differentiates itself from its surroundings. In this issue, we have compiled a list of suggestions for coordinating and selecting items to achieve a good-looking big T-shirt look.

Suggestion 1: “Choose a big T-shirt that is made of a heavy-weight, solid fabric and that does not easily slip down the mesh around the neck.

Big T-shirts have a large area of fabric, and when washed and hung to dry, the weight of the fabric often causes the neck to sag, or the silhouette to collapse if the body fabric is delicate. Of course, this can be solved by using a flat-drying net or three-dimensional hangers, but many men prefer T-shirts that can be washed and dried easily. In this case, we recommend choosing a T-shirt with a body made of heavyweight jersey cotton and a firm milling at the neck.

Speaking of heavyweight T-shirts, my most recent purchase and personal favorite is the GENTLEMAN PROJECTS Mega Weight BIG T-shirt SICILY. It has a well-balanced silhouette, a super-thick fabric that will never show your nipples (lol), and a chest pocket designed to hold sunglasses, which I think is both functional and cool looking.

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Suggestion 2: “Choose a big T-shirt that is not too long, so that the outfit does not look too drab.”

Big T-shirts have a voluminous look with a wide body and dropped shoulders, so if the length is too long, the outfit is likely to look drab. If you want to look sleek and stylish, it is recommended to select and purchase a big T-shirt that is not too long. Or, if you want to wear a regular T-shirt that you like in an oversized, big T-shirt style, we recommend cutting the hem. Although not plain, many overseas fashion influencers cut the hems of band T-shirts, which have recently become popular, and wear them.

When asked for a big T-shirt that is not too long, the ones that come to mind quickly for me are Fruit of the Loom’s 7 oz. BIG T-shirt and JOHN ELLIOTT’s REVERSED CROPPED TEE, both of which are good items and I love using them. The latter T-shirt in particular is designed to be quite short in length in relation to the width of the body, and I think you can enjoy a fashionable look that is different from the usual big T-shirts.

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Suggestion 3: “Tuck in long big T-shirts or wear them with the brand’s world view.

To wear a long T-shirt with a good look without making any mistakes, tuck it in and wear it neatly. The longer the length, the more room there is to let it sag, so adjust it to a look that suits you best. On the other hand, if you want to wear a long T-shirt tucked out, reflect the world view of the brands that offer long big T-shirts in your own style, or coordinate with the skaters of the 90’s. You will look stylish without being too fussy.

If you are going to wear items from brands that offer long, big T-shirts, such as Balenciaga, I think it is a given that you should try to dress in a way that recreates the worldview that the brand is trying to create. Specifically, you should choose bottoms and sneakers with a sense of volume by referring to the brand’s collection looks or mannequins in stores. I personally think it is preferable to match Balenciaga items if possible. By the way, the man in the above snapshot is wearing Balenciaga track sneakers, and I am personally interested in the recently released 3XL.

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Suggestion #4: “Pairing with trendy utility pants is a must.”

If you want to wear a big T-shirt in a fashionable way, it is recommended to create a trendy and current look with the bottoms you pair it with. So-called utility pants, represented by cargo pants, are the current trend in casual style. It is still fresh in our minds that UNIQLO U’s wide-fit parachute pants sold out due to the buzz on SNS, but the cargo type wide-fit parachute cargo pants are still in stock and available for purchase. (As of 7/19/2023) Also, in terms of compatibility with big T-shirts, we recommend the looser silhouette type, which is similar to the original design. Choosing a design with an oddly slimmer silhouette is basically not a good idea.

Utility pants designs have been trending for some time now and are widely available depending on your budget and preferences, as they have been adopted by a wide range of brands, from high-end brands to brands such as UNIQLO, GU, and ZARA. On the other hand, I think it is also cool to choose the original military products that the aforementioned brands may have referred to as their design source. Personally, I like Royal Navy, or Royal Navy cargo pants. I highly recommend WAIPER, which has a store in Fukuoka and also has a store on Rakuten, as they have a large stock of military pants.

Try to find cargo pants at WAIPER

Suggestion #5: “Consider the jitterily popular shorts ✖️ socks ✖️ sneakers.”

Styling that can be seen with increasing frequency on the streets of Tokyo is shorts paired with short socks and sneakers. By crossing a big T-shirt with the aforementioned highly seasonal styling, it creates a highly fashionable look. This year, the mainstream length of shorts is a little above the knee to a little below the knee. With the emergence of jorts as a trendy item, it is safe to avoid the short lengths that were popular a decade ago that exposed the thighs to an extreme degree.

As for shorts, Patagonia’s men’s baggy shorts 5″ andmen’s baggy long 7″, and Carhartt WIP jorts, if you choose jorts, have been gaining quite a bit of momentum lately. That said, in the shorts category, each brand releases a large number of products every year with designs that are firmly on trend, so it is often surprisingly easy to find shorts from brands that you usually like. As for socks, the so-called “belly-short socks” that once swept the world and made it look like you were wearing sneakers on your bare feet have gone downhill a bit. I feel that short socks, which are so short that the socks are exposed as shown in the snapshot above, are gaining momentum.

Looking for trendy shorts

As for sneakers to wear with shorts and short socks, I’m interested in the 990, 2002R, 9060, 550, and 530 from new balance and the Dunk LOW from Nike. I hope OTOKOMAE readers will not give up and get the pair they are looking for!

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Suggestion 6: “Keep the casual coordinate with beautiful elements.”

Big T-shirts are items that give off a strong rough look, for better or worse. To prevent this from coming out in a bad way, we recommend adding items that have a beautiful element to some of your outfits. Specific measures include choosing slacks for the bottom or, as shown in the snapshot below, matching bit loafers and socks on the feet.

When it comes to bit loafers, GUCCI and Ferragamo are the standard, but their high prices make them a difficult hurdle to purchase. One of the leather shoe brands in the price range of 20,000 yen to 40,000 yen is Berwick1707, which is relatively low hurdle to purchase. Personally, I am interested in the model with a slightly thicker Vibram sole, which looks easy to match with casual pants such as chinos and jeans.

Take a look at Berwick’s loafers.

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