10 Stylish Shaved Head Hairstyles for Men: Tips on Length, Benefits, and Fashionable Styling


10 Stylish Shaved Head Hairstyles for Men: Tips on Length, Benefits, and Fashionable Styling

In this issue, we will introduce cool hairstyles, lengths, and benefits under the theme of ” Bowls “.

What is a cool length for a shaved head?

It is difficult to determine which length is cool in general, since the image of the bouz style differs greatly depending on the length. For example, the length of around 1 mm for a five-hundredths cut and 3 mm for a one-minute cut are quite short and so-called “round shaved”, so you can make it look manly by incorporating a fade cut, etc. The next longest is 6 mm for a three-minute cut, so you can make it look cool with a fade cut. The next longest, 6mm three-minute cut is just the right balance of freshness and masculinity, and is suitable for those who want to use hair color or for those who are new to bouz styles. If you want to arrange or perm your hair in a bowed style, we recommend the 12mm or longer length, which is called a seven-minute trim and gives an impression similar to a belly-short length.

It’s important to get a length that matches the shape of your head.

The closer the hair style is to a rounded head, the more pronounced the shape of the head tends to be, so to make it look cool and suitable, it is a must to make it the right length for you. If the overall shape of the head is round, any mm will look good, but if the back of the head is precipitous, too short a length will not look good in most cases. In such cases, it is recommended to trim the hair from the top to the back of the head in a gradient fashion to create a fashionable bow style. On the other hand, if you are concerned about thinning hair and choose to wear your hair in a bow style, a clean and short haircut will give you a sense of cleanliness and free you from the complex.

What are the advantages of shaved heads?

The cleanliness and masculinity of this style is by far higher than other hairstyles, and its great advantage is that it gives an impression of sincerity. It also requires little styling effort and shortens shampooing and drying time. Besides, going from long hair to a shaved head can make you feel refreshed. However, hair grows about 1 cm per month, so more frequent maintenance is required to keep the silhouette. If possible, it is also possible to take care of your hair by using clippers as much as possible.

How to make shaved hair fashionable?

There are a few important points to keep in mind in order to look stylish in the bow style. First, eyebrows and beards must be groomed. Even if you go to the trouble of shaving your head to look clean and fresh, if your eyebrows and beard are shaggy, you may give the impression of being sloppy. Since the silhouette of the shaved head style is simple, it is recommended to add some individuality with a beard or coloring, or to accentuate the fashion with a hat.

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