Permed Hair Care: The Benefits and Best Hair Oils for Men’s Fashion


Permed Hair Care: The Benefits and Best Hair Oils for Men's Fashion

Perms create volume and movement in the hair and broaden the range of hairstyles. Spiral perms, twist perms, and other perms with a lot of movement, as well as nuanced perms and natural perms with a natural finish, have become popular in recent years. This time, we focus on “hair oil” that can reproduce such permed curls naturally and even take care of your hair!

What are the advantages of using hair oil for permed hair?

First of all, let us introduce the reasons why hair oil goes well with permed hair.

Advantages of using hair oil for permed hair (1) “To take care of damage and keep styling cool.

The advantage of hair oil is to take care of the damage created by perms and make it easier to maintain hairstyles. If damage caused by perm chemicals is left unattended, hair becomes dry, shaggy, and spreading, making styling difficult. Therefore, it is important to care for the hair with hair oil repair ingredients and coat it with oil to make it easier to style. Depending on the ingredients of the hair oil, heat damage from hair dryers and other sources and friction damage from pillows can also be reduced.

Advantage 2 of using hair oil for perms: “It can create a soft textured wet care look.

Using hair oil as a styling agent can make hair shiny while giving it a soft texture. Even if you have thick and stiff hair, hair oil can easily make it soft. Since the hair is permed to create movement, simply blending it in and drying it before the hair dryer will create a natural look. If you want to add shine while accentuating movement, you can mix it with hair wax.

How do I use hair oil?

When using hair oil, spread it over the entire palm of your hand once and rub it in around the center of permed hair ends. When rubbing in, it is important to use a gentle touch so as not to cause damage due to friction. Be careful not to rub in too hard to ensure full penetration, as this may cause damage. The amount should be 1 drop for short hair, 2 drops for medium hair, and 3 drops or more for semi-long or longer hair.

How to choose hair oil for perms?

There is a vast choice of hair oils, but if you are choosing one for permanent hair, what should you look for? In this section, we will introduce three major ways to select hair oil.

How to choose hair oil (1) “Select by ingredients and texture

Hair oil ingredients can be divided into three types: plant-based, mainly seeds, animal-based, and petroleum-based mineral. Of these, the most widely available and varied types are vegetable-based hair oils, which are 100% vegetable oil or mixed with surfactants and care ingredients, and are popular with both naturalists and those who value texture. Even if the ingredients are the same, be aware that there are two types: lightweight and heavyweight.

How to choose hair oil (2) “Pay attention to the ingredients

Pay attention to ingredients other than oil. Silicones and surfactants, which you may have heard of in shampoos, have the power to hold hair together and make it easier to run your fingers through your hair. In addition, amino acids and keratin are effective in repairing hair. 100% natural ingredients may seem better for your hair, but depending on the quality and condition of your hair, a type that contains ingredients other than oil may be more suitable for your hair.

How to choose hair oil (3) “Availability and type of fragrance.”

Since different products have different scents, men who are concerned about floral or sweet-like feminine scents should be careful. Those who use it with other styling products or use perfume should choose unscented types.

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