Unleash Your Style: Men’s Haircuts for a No-Set, Effortlessly Cool Look in Your 30s


Unleash Your Style: Men's Haircuts for a No-Set, Effortlessly Cool Look in Your 30s

For those who are too busy to set their hair or who are not good at styling in the first place, we recommend a hairstyle that looks cool without setting. Because it doesn’t require any tricky styling techniques, anyone can enjoy the fashionable look. In this issue, we pick up hairstyles recommended for men in their 30s for different situations, based on the theme of hairstyles that look good without a set!

What is the best hairstyle for 30-somethings that looks good without a set?

The most popular hairstyles that look good without a set are the stylish bow and perm styles. The fashionable bow style is popular for its barber-style fade cut, while the permed style is perfect for simplifying styling as it can create movement and volume. However, it is not true that all fashionable bows and perm styles look good on people in their thirties. If you make the wrong move, both styles can be too flashy and inappropriate for men in their thirties, so it’s best to avoid adding a high-design line to stylish bows and avoid too strong curls with perms. Since no styling products are used, it is not suitable for creating a dynamic look, so it is recommended to match it with glasses and a beard for a more fashionable look.

And I’d suggest using a hair care product instead of hair wax!

Even if you do not use a hair styling product, it is recommended to use a non-detergent treatment or hair oil. This is because focusing on hair care will give it shine and make it more manageable. Another advantage of using hair care products is that they prevent damage to the hair. Since an unset hairstyle tends to look shaggy, it is important to focus on hair care as much as possible to keep hair looking beautiful.

Find hair oil

Men’s hairstyle 30s no set recommended hairstyles ” Bows to Very Short “

The first hairstyles we will introduce are the bowed to very short hairstyles, which give off a masculine and clean look. The short length eliminates the need to set the hair, but this makes it more difficult to create movement and individuality, so it is important to make the most of the trimmed or curly hair.

30s unset recommended men’s hair 1) “You’re sure to make a good impression! Refreshing & Intellectual Belly-Short Side Part” “

The side parting of the tousled, belly-short length enhances the masculinity of this style. The clean look is sure to be perfect for both formal and casual occasions. For styling, it is important to use the heat of a hair dryer in a flowing style from one side to the other. If you have straight, stiff hair, it will tend to float, so it is recommended for those with frizzy or soft hair.

30s unset recommended men’s hair 2 “Belichot soft Mohawk style that balances elegance and masculinity.”

A soft Mohawk style with gradated side trimming and a little length left at the top. The belly-short length Mohawk is perfect for a less flashy, more stylish and wild look. The Mohawk style is easier to recreate if the hair is firmer because it makes the hair stand up, but it can be done simply by shortening the hair so it can stand up easily. To finish, use a hair dryer to lightly pull the hair at the top so that it stands up toward the center.

30’s No Set Recommended Men’s Hair (3) “Ennui belly short with frizzy hair movement that creates a loose look.”

This hairstyle is recommended for those who seek a mature and stylish look rather than a masculine style that accentuates masculinity. The hair is characterized by its softness and just the right amount of looseness, based on wavy hair or hair that has been permed. Also, the fact that the bangs are deliberately left down to create a sense of calmness, combined with the soft texture of the frizzy hair, helps create a comfortable atmosphere. Although it is necessary to have curly hair or pin-permed hair, it is attractive that it can be done as if it were already set. For styling, use a treatment or hair oil to moisten the hair a little.

30’s No set recommended men’s hair 4 “Stylish bowed hair with a sense of presence and attention to detail in its simplicity.”

A middle-school style with a clean, simple design. The fading from the sides creates a crisp, contrasting and stylish look. However, be aware that this simple, fashionable bow style can create an unrefined atmosphere, depending on what you wear with it. If you want to add more individuality without worrying about settling down or anything, you can arrange it with hair color or lines.

30s unset recommended men’s hair (5) “All-around mature bowed hair with a sophisticated masculinity.”

A fashionable bow style with the sides and neckline trimmed to connect and some length left in the bangs. The natural texture of the hair is enhanced by the fact that it is not a fade cut, making it perfect for creating a relaxed atmosphere in one’s thirties. The style can be worn with traditional, street, and casual looks, so it can be enjoyed on or off the street. If you want to change your mood, you can lightly apply a wet styling product to give it a shiny finish.

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