10 classic “bundled short” styles for men! Hair-setting tips and recommended styling products are also introduced.


10 classic "bundled short" styles for men! Hair-setting tips and recommended styling products are also introduced.

The “bundled short hairstyle” became popular around 2010 and is now a standard look. The appeal of this style is that the bunches of hair create a three-dimensional effect that enhances the shape of the head and makes hair setting easier than one might expect. In this issue, we will introduce recommended hairstyles and styling techniques based on the theme of “short hair with a bunchy feel.

What are the benefits of bundled short hair?

The advantage of bunchy hair is that it simply makes you look cool. The reason for this is that the three-dimensionality of the bunches gives the head a good shape. To improve the shape of a flat head, which is common among Japanese men, movement and volume are necessary, so it is ideal to create a silhouette with bunches of hair. The contrast in hair color created by the three-dimensional effect can also be expected to tighten the face and make it look more masculine. To take advantage of both benefits, a short length is just right, so short hair is recommended if you want to practice bunchy hair.

Base cut is the key to bunchy short hair!

Many people may think that bundled hair is difficult to style. But don’t worry, if you make the base cut so that it is easy to create a bunchy look, you can easily set your hair. Of course, it takes some getting used to, but the hurdle should be much lower than creating bunches with hairstyles that are not suited for bunched hair. Specifically, hairstyles that are stepped or shaved at the ends to create a lightness are suitable. When actually ordering, simply ask the stylist to ” make it easier to create a bunchy look,” so it is easy for anyone to try it.

Find men’s bundle short hair.

Make your bundle short look modern! Introducing 10 popular hairstyles along with styling products and setting tips.

Here are some hairstyles that incorporate the bunches and match the current trend. We have selected a wide range of hairstyles, from those that take advantage of the glamorous bunches of hair to those that are more relaxed and can be used for any occasion, so please refer to them.

Bundled short recommended men’s hair 1 “Bundled short with a two-block up bang to raise your masculinity to the next level.

The two-block upswept bang is a masculine, classic style that adds a bunchy silhouette to the hair. The clean cut from the sides to the collar and back gives the hair a sporty look, combined with the dynamism of the bunches of hair. The upswept bang looks great even when wearing a mask, making it perfect for the current era. This is one of the recommended hairstyles for beginners of short hair with a bunchy look, as it can be worn for any occasion and by any generation.

▶︎Styling tips

The key to creating a bunchy look is to first wet the hair thoroughly and reset it before styling. Use a hair dryer to make hair stand up, then rub in a little bit of hard wax. After adding enough volume with wax to make the hair look a little loud, break off the hair strands to create a more relaxed silhouette.

Recommended styling products for this haircut ▶︎”DEUXER Hard Wax 5

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Bundled short recommended men’s hair 2 “Adult feather mash with a subtle bundle of hair that creates a sophisticated atmosphere.

This hairstyle is recommended for those who are not comfortable with the idea of bunching up hair because they feel that it is a fancy way of adding volume to their hair. The feature of this style is that the hair bunches are used to blur the silhouette of the outline, not to make it look voluminous. The airy, carefree texture scattered like bird’s feathers is extremely refreshing and is sure to be a hit with all generations. If you are looking for this year’s popular mash style, why not include it as one of your candidates?

▶︎Styling tips

After drying from the roots and fluffing out the hair, rub in styling products and scatter hair strands in a light twisting motion. Recommended styling products are gel waxes with a high balance of shine and hold. The trick is to use a little at a time so that the sticky texture of the gel does not reduce volume. If your hair is prone to dryness, it is recommended to lightly dampen only the ends.

Recommended styling products for this haircut ▶︎”MEUVLE (Muvelle) Jelly Wax G6

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Bundled Short Recommended Men’s Hair (3) “Permanent and upvanced short hair to smartly pull it all together.”

The wildness created by the rough movement of the perm and the swept-up bangs is given a clean look with a few small touches. The two-block style around the ears, the upswept bangs that clearly show off the forehead, and the volume control that gives the hair an airy, yet carefree look are the key features of this style. Another key point is the combination of black hair that tightens the flashy movement. It is sure to match not only formal outfits such as suit styles, but also casual fashion.

▶︎Styling Tips

Dry the top part with a rubbing hand to accentuate the texture of the perm, and lightly lift the bangs as if parting them. 80% dry, apply a soft wax with good control over the entire hair. The perm makes it easy to create bunches of hair, so simply divide the hair into small sections and scatter them randomly.

Recommended styling products for this haircut ▶︎”DEMI Wavo Design Cube Light Wax

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Bundled short recommended men’s hair 4 “Cloudy mash with sharp bundles for an active image.”

This urban hairstyle with twisted spiral perm is perfect for a modern look. The twisted hair ends are finely scattered to create a spiky texture. The base cut is a rounded and light cloud mousse, which accentuates the atmosphere. This hairstyle is packed with all the benefits of bundled hair and is the best match for the fashion-conscious younger generation.

▶︎Styling tips

The cut and perm make it easy to style. Simply dry the hair to create volume, then rub styling product throughout to adjust the silhouette. Twisted ends tend to get dry, so we recommend using a hard wax that gives shine.

Recommended styling products for this haircut ▶︎”OCEAN TRICO Hair Wax Jet Hard x Keep”

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Bundled Short Recommended Men’s Hair ⑤ “Mush style with coloring and cut to take advantage of the shading of the bundles.

The feather mash base is lightened with a two-block style, and the see-through bangs are combined to create a more airy look. The contrast between the shading created by the overlapping of the hair strands and the hair color is what makes the design appealing. Bright color tends to make the hair look gaudy, so the bundles are intended to show off the flow of the hair rather than to add volume.

▶︎Styling tips

Drying is the key, as a clean flow of hair will bring out the three-dimensionality and contrast. If the hair is frizzy and difficult to manage, a hair iron is recommended. Use hair wax as a styling product to create volume mainly on the top, and style the hair bundles to one side.

Recommended styling products for this hair style ▶︎”MANDOM GATSBY Moving Rubber Air Rise

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