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Learn what to look for when coordinating navy/blue sneakers and recommended models!


Learn what to look for when coordinating navy/blue sneakers and recommended models!

Navy and blue sneakers create an elegant and chic mature footwear while raising the beautiful impression to a new level. In this issue, we focus on ” navy/blue sneakers ” and introduce styling tips, international men’s coordination for reference, and recommended models to aim for now!

The technique of navy/blue sneakers is to create different impressions depending on the tone of blue

Blue sneakers have a completely different impression from navy and blue sneakers, so you should use different tones of blue depending on the impression you want to achieve. For example, darker colors such as navy blue and royal blue give a sophisticated and intellectual impression, while lighter colors such as light blue and saxe blue give a light and youthful impression. It is recommended to control the look of your feet by determining the best tone for your mood, the season, and your intended styling direction.

Dressing Tips ①Refresh the impression of earthy-colored styling with navy/blue sneakers

To refresh the impression of earthy-colored styling with browns including khaki, olive green, camouflage patterns, etc. Sneakers in navy or blue are also effective in freshening up the look. Of course, the impression will differ depending on the tone of the dark or light colors, but blue sneakers on the feet will create an urban impression and give the coordination a more sophisticated look. If the styling is particularly brownish, navy/blue sneakers will complete the “Azzurro e Marrone” look, a combination of noble blue (AZZURRO) and shiny brown (MARRONE).

Dressing Tips (2)Set navy/blue sneakers on jacket pants put together in blue and white to get both a neat and youthful look

If you want to get both a neat and youthful look with navy/blue sneakers in your outfit, blue As shown in this snapshot, by combining a blue tailored jacket and jeans with white innerwear, you can complete a classic jackets style with a combination of only the most popular items, and give your outfits a neat and youthful look. The rest is up to you to add your favorite look and nuance to your feet, depending on the tone of the navy/blue sneakers.

Dressing Tips (3)Styling with Navy/Blue SneakersWith blue as the overall color scheme for a unified look

If you are aiming for a unified look while taking advantage of the navy/blue sneakers’ unique qualities, styling Combine the entire look with blue ◎ If you put together darker colors with a focus on navy blue, you can create a calm, chic, adult atmosphere. If you combine bright colors with a focus on blue, you will achieve an active and youthful look. Also, using tone-on-tone or gradation to express shades of blue will create a freshness, cleanliness, and spring/summer feel (sense of the season) that is difficult to achieve with other standard colors.

See international snaps of men wearing navy/blue sneakers at a glance! Find your ideal men’s coordinate!

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