How to put on the center crease ” “Video on how to dead center crease (press) on slacks!”


How to put on the center crease " "Video on how to dead center crease (press) on slacks!"

In suiting and jackets, the center crease of slacks is an important point to give a fearless impression. If the line of the center crease is blurred, it can ruin the overall impression, even if you are wearing a high-end suit. In this article, we will introduce how to keep such a “center crease” clean, with video explanations!

Don’t over clean the center crease of your slacks to keep them clean!

The main fabric used for suits is wool. Many dry cleaners use organic solvents such as petroleum, which can damage the texture of wool made from animal hair. Similarly, slacks can lose their luster if they are sent to the cleaners every time the center crease blurs. Therefore, it is an ironclad rule to avoid sending them to the cleaners as much as possible, and to keep them looking good with only daily maintenance.

Center creases are sensitive to moisture. Take steps before the creases disappear!

It goes without saying that moisture is the suit’s worst enemy, and the center crease will not only fade but also disappear. Blurred lines can give a sloppy impression in business situations, so be careful not only on rainy days but also in sunny weather if you sweat easily. The wool fabric used in most suits is highly absorbent, so it easily contains sweat and moisture, and it takes time for the moisture to completely drain out. Therefore, care and maintenance are essential, such as drying them in the shade in a well-ventilated place after wearing.


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