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Summer Clothes Men’s Coordinate Special


Summer Clothes Men's Coordinate Special

In this issue, we introduce recommended items for this year’s summer clothes, important keywords to elevate men’s coordination, and notable coordination & items that were well-received among OTOKOMAE!

Here are 14 hot summer clothes to incorporate this summer! [ 1~7 ].

Summer Outfit #1: “T-shirts can be worn alone with an ace in the hole!

The “T-shirt coordinate” is the royal summer style. Because it is a super standard style, we want to distinguish ourselves from others by choosing T-shirts with careful attention to detail in terms of ” material,” “silhouette,” and “size. While T-shirts with prints, such as logo dons and lettered T-shirts, are of course possible, we recommend the quality of plain T-shirts to express a highly sophisticated, adult-like coordination. Also, if you are conscious of the relaxed look that has become a hot word in the fashion industry in recent years, you may want to choose a T-shirt with an oversized silhouette.

T-shirt to aim for (1) “GENTLEMAN PROJECTS’ dress T-shirt Leo, made of top-quality material that can be recognized at first glance.

If you are going to choose a T-shirt as the mainstay of your summer look, you need a high-quality T-shirt that can be worn alone and still look good. GENTLEMAN PROJECTS’ dress T-shirt “Leo III” is a good choice for this purpose. The latest work is made of “Diorama,” the finest Indian super-long-staple cotton, carefully selected from among the world’s finest cotton, and knitted smooth with a delicate 60/1 yarn, resulting in a fabric with a characteristic smooth surface and a slight sheen. The fabric has a smooth surface and a slight luster. It can also be worn with a tailored jacket or dress pants without feeling out of place.

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Plain T-shirts" are simple, so you want to choose the one you are particular about. In addition to material, silhouette...

The DANIELE FIESOLI DF0612 T-shirt with a shiny, slim silhouette that exudes elegance even in its roughness.

DANIELE FIESOLI” is an original brand of Wool Grope that handles products of famous maisons such as Dolce & Gabbana, etc. It was announced at PITTI in 2006, and has gained so much trust that it acquired more than 600 customers in a few years after its debut. The brand has gained the trust of more than 600 customers in just a few years since its debut at PITTI. The T-shirts we picked up are also of high quality, as they are mainly knit and cut-and-sewn. The fabric has a silky sheen and a smooth touch that seems to absorb into the skin, and is tailored in a slim silhouette that fits the body, so you are sure to look great with just this one T-shirt.

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A T-shirt to aim for (3) “A versatile T-shirt that can be worn alone or with a jacket! + CLOTHET’s Tailored T-Shirt”

The T-shirts created by the up-and-coming brand “+CLOTHET” launched in 2018 are packed with attention to detail that sets them apart from the rest. The T-shirts are designed with a silhouette that does not feel stiff even when a jacket is worn over the body, and they have a three-dimensional feel that wraps the body by adopting the “post-fitting” and “isse” of sleeves used for tailored jackets. The fabric is of a moist texture with a good thickness, and when it is used with a glossy feel, it goes without saying that it is comfortable to wear, and the sense of luxury is also very high. In addition to navy, the collection is also available in white, gray, and black, all of which are monotone colors that are easy to use, so be sure to check it out on this occasion.

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