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What is a “100-year coat?” Explaining the meaning behind the grand name and the charm of this masterpiece trench


What is a "100-year coat?" Explaining the meaning behind the grand name and the charm of this masterpiece trench

Just seeing the name “100 Year Coat” makes me curious. Why was it named thus? What features does it have? We thoroughly dissect its appeal and the models that are currently being developed!

The “100-year coat” was developed by Sanyo Shokai’s coat specialty brand “SANYOCOAT” on the occasion of the company’s 70th anniversary and launched in 2013. “TIMELESS WORK. Let’s make really good products. This is a leading Japanese outerwear brand that proposes high-quality and aesthetically pleasing coats in every aspect, including materials, sewing, patterns, and details, based on the concept of “TIMELESS WORK. The brand was given this impactful name with the aim of providing a coat that can be cared for and used for a long time, and that can be handed down from generation to generation.

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Japan's world-class craftsmanship!

From fabric selection to sewing and detailing, the ” 100-year coat ” is the product of SANYOCOAT’s know-how and craftsmanship, which has been producing coats for over 70 years. Here, we will explain the unique charm of the 100-year coat.

The charm of the 100-year coat (1)Elegant and deep 'high-density cotton gabardine' with beige and gold threads

The 100-year coat uses high-density cotton gabardine made from high-quality Giza cotton (Egyptian super-long-staple cotton). To maintain its beautiful color, beige is used for the warp and gold for the weft, and the two yarns of different colors are densely woven together to create an elegant and deep look. In addition, the beautiful fabric is produced by craftsmen with more than 30 years of dyeing and weaving experience at a dyeing and weaving factory in Saitama Prefecture, which produces world-class coat fabrics, and is suitable for a 100-year coat.

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Attraction of 100-year coat②

The above high-density cotton gabardine has a The above high-density cotton gabardine has a high water-repellent finish that can cope with sudden rain. The coat has passed the high durability standard of ” water resistance ” of 200mm or more and ” water repellency ” of maintaining high water repellency even after 10 dry cleaning cycles, according to the quality test conducted by a third-party organization. Sanyo Shokai, whose origins lie in the production of raincoats, has established “standards for claiming to be a raincoat,” but the 100-year coat has cleared even higher standards, so the proof alone is enough to show how excellent the water repellent performance is.

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Attraction of the 100-year coat (3)Top-class sewing

The 100-year coat is made of carefully selected fabrics by a specialized coat factory, which is rare nationwide and has been cultivated over 50 years. The factory “Sanyo Sewing Aomori Factory” is one of the few factories in Japan that specializes in making coats from the finest fabrics. High-quality techniques such as the “pull stitch” technique, which eliminates draping and distortion of the fabric and produces a beautiful fall of the body, and buttoning, in which buttons are sewn in different ways in different places so that they do not easily come off even after years of wear, have been lavishly incorporated into the work. In addition, the collar is sewn by hand to create a neat silhouette, and uncompromising processes and craftsmanship result in the creation of uniquely beautiful coats.

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The charm of the 100-year coat (4)Timeless design that is not influenced by trends

The “100-year coat,” which is the culmination of craftsmanship, is not influenced by trends and can be worn at any time of the year. The silhouettes are simple and authentic, refraining from extreme silhouettes such as too slim or too oversized. Within this range, there are variations that can be selected according to body type and style, making it easy to find the item you are looking for.

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Attraction of 100-year coat (5)

100-year coat is only given to products that have undergone all processes in Japan, including “weaving and knitting,” “dyeing and finishing,” “sewing,” etc. The 100-year coat is the first product to be certified as a “J∞QUALITY” product, which is given only to products that have undergone all processes in Japan, such as weaving, knitting, dyeing, processing, and sewing. J∞QUALITY” is a program that promotes products made in Japan to the world, based on the criteria that the quality of the manufacturing process is made in Japan, that the background of each process is clearly visible, and that the products can be purchased with peace of mind. This is also the basic philosophy of 100-year coat, which is to create truly good products.

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100 Year Coat's Attraction ⑥

As part of the desire of its name, “to be cared for and used for a long time,” 100 Year Coat offers owners care and maintenance The “100-Year Owner Plan” allows owners to receive support for the care and maintenance of their 100-year coats. The plan offers a full range of services, including periodic checkups every three years by the maker of the 100-year coat, and the transmission of information on the care program, which is updated as needed, such as button replacement, lining replacement, size adjustments, and consultations. The support system is truly designed to ensure that the coats can be worn for 100 years.

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A thorough explanation of the four lines of 100-year coats!

In addition to the base “Standard” and “Classic” lines, the 100-year coat lineup includes the “Kiwami” line, which aims for a higher level of quality, and the “Iki SUI” line, which is a lightweight model. Here is a thorough explanation of the features and appeal of each line and model. We hope you will find the “100-year coat” that fits you best by referring to this page.

100-year coat development line ①Standard

“Standard” is a line created as the origin of the 100-year coat. It features a just-fit design and is recommended for those who want to wear a trench coat with a sleek silhouette. The front has normal set-in sleeves and the back has split raglan sleeves for ease of movement, providing both ease of movement and a beautiful silhouette that follows the lines of the body. The following three models are available from the ” Standard ” line.

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100 Years Coat “Standard” Models I: Double Trench Coat

A mid-length double trench coat that sits above the knee and is easy on the legs. It has functional details such as epaulettes and gun flaps that are unique to trench coats, and is recommended for those seeking a modern trench coat with a traditional design but a sleek silhouette that is easy to move around in. Available in beige, khaki, and navy.

Check out the “Standard” trench coat, a 100-year coat.

100 Years Coat “Standard” Deployment Model II: Double Trench Coat (Long)

For a more mature and elegant impression, we recommend the long double trench coat. Compared to the ” Double Trench Coat I,” the long length of this coat extends below the knee, making it an elegant upgrade to adult styling. Available in beige and navy.

Check out the 100-year coat “Standard” trench coat (long).

100 Years Coat “Standard” Deployment Model III: Balmacaan Coat

The Balmacaan coat features a simple design with a clean silhouette that is unique to the Standard line and can be worn beautifully. The front of the coat can be closed to create an extremely minimalist look. It is an all-purpose piece that can be worn for both casual and business occasions. This item is available in four colors, including beige, khaki, navy, and a web-only color, khaki 2, which has a different color tone.

Check out the 100-year coat ” Standard” Balmacaan coat.

100 Year Coat Deployment Line ②

The “Classic” line is one with a generous shoulder, sleeve and body width. The “Classic” line features single-sleeved raglan sleeves with roomy shoulders, sleeve circumference, and body width. It is an authentic line that follows classic details and is recommended for those seeking “the trench coat. Light-colored models, such as beige and khaki, use buttons of the same color as the body, a feature unique to this line. The lining is lined with an original pattern called “Sanyo Koshi,” inspired by the “O-koshi” lattice pattern used in Kabuki costumes. The following two models are currently available.

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100 Years Coat “Classic” Development Model I: Double Trench Coat

The double trench coat of the “Classic” line is characterized by a more relaxed silhouette compared to the standard double trench coat; in size M, the length of the standard double trench coat is 91.5 cm and the chest circumference is 110.5 cm, whereas the length of this classic coat is The difference is about one size up, but the Classic has raglan sleeves and a lower kama (the lower half of the armhole), so you should feel quite a difference in the way it feels when you actually wear it. We would recommend this model to those who prefer a relaxed silhouette and often wear thicker tops as innerwear. The roomy silhouette will come in handy when you want to give a double trench, which has a dignified image, a more relaxed look. Tightening the belt at the waist allows you to enjoy a more flattering silhouette. Available in beige, khaki, and navy.

Check out the “Classic” trench coat, a 100-year coat.

100 Years Coat “Classic” Model II: Balmacaan Coat

The Balmacaan coat, with its simple design, has been designed in a silhouette with just the right amount of room to give it a modern look. The back of the collar has a hidden chinstrap, which can be turned up to change the image of the coat. Available in beige, khaki, and navy.

Check out the 100 Year Coat ” Classic ” Balmacaan Coat

100-year coat development line (3)

“100-year coat ‘Kiwami’ was born from the desire to create a one-of-a-kind coat that would overturn conventional wisdom. The “Kiwami” coat is the culmination of Sanyo Coat’s efforts to create a coat of the highest quality in every respect. Currently, there is only one model each for men and women.

Check out the 100-year coat ” KOKU KIWAMI

Based on the classic (2), “Kiwami” is a trench coat with a generous, elegant A-line and a beautiful, three-dimensional drape. The material used is “Ultimate Pima,” which is a cotton that belongs to the same family as Sea Island cotton, known as the “jewel of cotton,” and is grown in the U.S., a famous organic cotton production area. The yarn is spun with thicker yarns to increase durability and densely woven to create a supple and sturdy material that matches the trench coat.

Check out the 100-year coat ” Kiwami

The details are even more particular, and the waist belt is different from the existing 100-year coat, using the ” D-ring “, a historical design of military coats, which is the root of the trench coat. The buttons are made of rare genuine buffalo, and are finished with “tanuki holes” designed to prevent the button threads from breaking, with a step in the hole through which the button threads are threaded. The back of the lining, which can be attached and detached, is filled with a down pack to provide warmth not only in spring and fall, but also in winter. The down pack is also made at the company’s own factory in Aomori, ” Sanyo Sewing Aomori Factory,” and the down inside is also made in Aomori.

Check out the 100-year coat ” Kiwami “.

100-year coat development line④Iki SUI

“Iki SUI” which realized lightness that overturned the conventional wisdom of trench coats while maintaining the quality that can be worn for a lifetime, This model is recommended for those who do not want to compromise comfort with authentic construction. It is based on the “Kiwami,” and features a silhouette with a long length and generous body and sleeves to embody the best of the classic coat. Like “Kiwami,” the brand currently offers only one model each for men and women.

Check out the 100-year coat ” iki SUI

Normally, when making a lightweight coat, it is common to simplify the parts, etc., but the amazing thing about the “100-year coat” is that it does not compromise in any way. The “iki SUI,” which still achieves lightness, uses a special polyester “hollow yarn,” which is hollow inside, and which was finally arrived at after a difficult material selection process. By using it for the weft and 10,000 warp threads of high-quality extra-long cotton, we succeeded in developing an original fabric that is approximately 30% lighter than conventional cotton gabardine. To ensure that the texture is not inferior to existing materials, the fabric is dyed at the yarn stage, ” pre-dyeing,” and other innovations have been used to create a three-dimensional texture.

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Lightness was pursued not only in the fabric, but also in the design. The pattern is designed to perfectly conform to the torso, the axis of the body, to distribute the weight of the coat and make it feel less heavy. The back of the removable lining is filled with a high-tech material called “photoelectron” padding. This material absorbs heat emitted by humans and generates heat using far-infrared rays, providing a natural warmth that is not artificial.

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