40s Men’s Ouchy Fashion: 6 Tendencies and Countermeasures


40s Men's Ouchy Fashion: 6 Tendencies and Countermeasures

The author, who is in his 40s, has taken charge of this project with a sense of self-discipline, and the theme of this project is “fashion that men in their 40s may think is painful. Since we have entered an age in which clothes alone are not enough to make one look fashionable, I venture to expand the content to include not only clothes, but also appearance and personal grooming in general. I apologize in advance that some of the content may be based on the author’s own prejudice and opinions. I hope this will be of some help to men who are groping in the dark for their own style as they age.

(1) Trends have stopped being updated and tend to drag on the days of one’s youth.

Men in their 40s are the generation that has experienced firsthand various styles such as American casual, Urahara, gyaru-o/o and classico Italia. As for hairstyles, they have experienced the changing trends of long hair mesh, twisted perms, wolf cuts, soft Mohawks, up-bang two-block hairstyles, and so on. As a generation that spent its youth in the heyday of fashion magazines, many of you may be proud of the amount of fashion information and knowledge you have accumulated, but ” can you even vaguely picture the fashion styles and hairstyles that are popular today? ” “Are you still wearing the same fashions and hairstyles you wore when you were younger? I would like you to ask yourself these questions. Dress styles based on jackets, which are relatively slow to change, are no exception to this trend. There is no need to be swayed by trends, but if you don’t catch up to some extent and tune up your attire, you may be considered a pain by those around you.

Unlike when we were young, today’s youth can easily reach out to the world’s latest fashions through Instagram and other means. Many hairdressers also share their hairstyles on Instagram and TikTok, and as a result, I feel that today’s young people are more stylish and good-looking. I really envy them because in the past, they had to read magazines, watch fashion on the street, and rely on oral information from their seniors and store staff who were in the know. The average male fashion sensitivity has risen dramatically, and we 40-somethings can’t afford to lose out either!

Solution: find media, influencers, and individuals you like on Instagram and check them out during gaps. Also look at the discoveries section. Observe fashionable men’s fashion styles on the street; look at OTOKOMAE articles daily.

(2) A high percentage of men were naturally handsome when they were young!

Men who were born with a naturally good-looking face and tall stature may be perceived as “ouch…” when they reach their 40s. The more naturally good-looking men are, the more likely they are to be considered a “pain…” in their 40s. Natural-born good-looking men are, regrettably, popular, and they can look good even with slightly strange clothes and hairstyles. However, this enviable state of affairs only lasts while they are young, and the former handsome uncles who have neglected to make an effort may be in a miserable situation now. On the other hand, it is not uncommon to see men in their 40’s who have had some appearance complexes and have become good-looking men who are not well-dressed but have an austerity that is appropriate for their age.

Of course it’s a big deal because the basic premise is that it’s best for the person to do as he/she pleases, but personally, I think it’s a shame that he/she has a natural talent(?). I personally think it is a great waste of a person who has a natural talent(?). As for thinning hair, for example, there are AGA treatments and hair transplant techniques have been developed in recent years, and it can be improved as much as possible. I would like you to do what you can within your time and budget. I hope that good-looking men will keep their good looks and shine long into their 40s.

Countermeasure: If you are aware that you are good-looking, now is the time to make an effort!

(3) Tendency 3) Tend to shop randomly at outlets

Many men in their 40s, who are busy with both work and private life, have little time to devote to shopping and inevitably go to the occasional outlet to get a quick batch of clothes. Outlets are a fun place to shop at a bargain price, but beware of the pitfalls. Basically, the outlet stores display items that have been left unsold in the regular stores, so the clothes are mainly in slightly different colors, materials, and sizes. It is smart to be especially cautious when it comes to size, and stop buying if it doesn’t fit you. If it doesn’t fit, don’t buy it. You definitely don’t want to end up with a strange and painful fashion style because of your random shopping at the outlet malls.

The number of outlet-only products of reduced quality that are not available in regular stores continues to grow these days. Although at first glance they appear to be a good deal because they are inexpensive, I sincerely hope that people will have the courage to not purchase them if they are not really necessary, based on the fact that the quality is commensurate with the price. Furthermore, although this is not limited to outlets, there are many licensed brands manufactured in Japan that bear brand names like the original overseas brands, so I would like you to avoid purchasing products mistakenly believing that they are the original brands. (I would also like to add that there are excellent products under licensed brands, and that is not in itself a bad thing.)

Countermeasure: For the same budget, have the courage to buy a small amount of what you really want at a fixed price. Wisely use sales at overseas shopping sites such asFarfetch andSSENSE, which have overwhelmingly large inventories.

(4) Tendency to neglect the basics of suit and jacket styles

With the recent trend toward casual office style, the classic suit style tends to be neglected, but those in their 40s should have mastered the basic rules and manners of suit and jacket style, and this is one of the few opportunities to make young people think, “My senpai looks good! It is not an exaggeration to say that this is one of the few chances to make young people think, “My senpai is cool. It is not too much to say that this is one of the few chances to make young people think “senpai (senior) looks good” at the right moment. You want to master the basic style so that you don’t make the mistake of thinking, “My senior’s suit style is so tacky.

I myself am of the school that wants to have fun without being bound by rigid rules in suit style, but I believe that it is one thing to dress down with an understanding of the basic rules, and quite another to dress down without understanding them. For example, a button-down shirt is not appropriate for a formal occasion, a jacket with a short length that exposes the buttocks is unsightly, and one should know the basic rules of how to properly handle a jacket’s front buttons and flap pockets. Masakatsu Ochiai’s clear and rigorous description of his own views on the basics of the classic suit, “The Art of Dressing for Men,” is a must-read for any man in his 40s.

Countermeasure: Read Masakatsu Ochiai’s book “The Art of Dressing Like a Man “; check out the snapshots of suit styles that the OTOKOMAE editorial staff has taken and articles about how to dress in a suit.

Tendency (5): Tend to leave their bodies ugly and unattractive

The more elaborate one dresses, the more difficult it is to avoid the reputation of being a “pain” with an uncle-like body, even if the outfit itself is good-looking. This is why they tend to gain weight and become sloppy in shape. Men in their 40s who, in my opinion, are good-looking from an external point of view are, without exception, keeping their bodies fit and toned by regularly finding time for strength training and other sports, even in the midst of their busy schedules.

I myself have naturally reduced my drinking after the Corona Disaster. My weight has dropped dramatically, thanks in part to the reduced caloric intake from alcohol and the increased opportunity to eat healthier at home. I had honestly thought that I could not win against old age and had given up on being a man, but the weight loss made me feel that I could still be good-looking if I worked hard. I felt that I could still be good if I worked hard enough. I now do weight training once a week as a habit. I am now doing weight training once a week, and I feel more motivated to work, probably due to the effect of increased testosterone secretion. If you can’t afford to go to the gym, please take a look at this page, which has content focusing on muscle training that you can do at home.

Countermeasure: Eat a nutritionally balanced diet. Regularly do sports or muscle training as a hobby. Refrain from inertial drinking; watch OTOKOMAE’s muscle training contents.

(6) Dirty skin, hair, and teeth, and a tendency to neglect their care

In the era in which men in their 40s spent their lives, the cleanliness of skin and hair was not as important as it is today in terms of male beauty and ugliness. In general, the trend was that a minimum level of cleanliness was all that was required. However, with the current genderless trend and the global Korean boom, men are now expected to have the same kind of beauty, and men in their teens and twenties are now taking extra care of their skin, hair, makeup, and permanent hair removal, etc. Women also consider men’s skin and hair as important indicators when judging whether they are good or bad in appearance. In addition, the number of men who straighten their teeth and whiten their teeth in parallel with the widespread use of mouthpiece orthodontics, which can be done easily, is increasing. It would not be an exaggeration to say that if you only take care of your teeth at the same level as when you were young, there is a great possibility that you will be considered a painful old man in this day and age.

Young men these days have a really high sense of beauty, and I really learn a lot from talking to them, and I bow down to them. While their skin becomes saggy and dull when they become old men, they are always trying to improve their skin tone and make up…. If this is the case, we should do what we can to help. I myself have tried so many things, including beauty treatments, but the ones that gave me overwhelming results were eyebrow art makeup, teeth straightening, and whitening. I also always apply BB cream because it can naturally cover the skin in my 40s, which tends to have open pores, and it has a good reputation among people around me.

Countermeasure: I usually take minimal care of my skin and apply BB cream at least when I go out. If I have time and money to spare, I will try teeth whitening, art makeup and skin treatments as well as hair care.

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