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What men’s fashion items can be used in a “kirekaje” style? Introduction along with examples of coordination!


What men's fashion items can be used in a "kirekaje" style? Introduction along with examples of coordination!

The conservative “kirekaje” style is a beautiful look that emphasizes elegance and cleanliness. Nowadays, a mix of dress and casual styles has become the standard, and awareness of “kirekaje” is on the rise. In this issue, we will introduce recommended items and men’s coordination for the “kirekaje” theme!

What is “kirekaje”?

Kirekaje is short for “Kirei-me Casual,” and refers to the “East Coast traditional” style adopted by the Shibukaje generation from the spring of 1990 to the spring of 1991. The basic basic traditional item was the navy blue blazer with gold buttons, known as the “navy blue blazer. At the time, the navy blue blazer was very popular among both men and women because of its orthodox design and versatility in both casual and dressy wear. 1990’s POPEYE magazine advocated the navy blue blazer as a neat style that was a step up from the traditional “Shibukaje” style. Today, the term “kirekaje” is used to describe not only traditional, but also elegant, clean, and casual attire.

Recommended items for modern men’s kirekaje fashion

Recommended items for “kirekaje” fashion (1) “Tailored jacket

If you want to follow the original “kirekaje” style that took the world by storm in 1990, Ralph Lauren’s navy blue blazer is the standard, but tailored jackets are also recommended since the kirekaje of today is not tied to traditional styles. In particular, tailored jackets by Lardini, Tagliatore, and Boglioli, which can be worn flexibly in both clean and rough styles, offer a wide selection of items to match the season, the weather, and the occasion, and are perfect for expressing a sophisticated, casual, “kirekaje” style.

LARDINI Tailored Jacket

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Recommended item for a “kirekaje” look (2) “Shirts

Shirts are also a staple item in kirekaje fashion, ideal for creating a neat, elegant, and clean impression. Shirts come in a variety of styles, including regular collar, band collar, and button-down, and as shown in this snapshot, they can be worn as a light outer layer, or tucked in and out for a more casual look.

Ralph Lauren RRL Shirt

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Recommended item for a cool casual look (3) “Cardigans

Cardigans do not give off an overly formal impression like tailored jackets, and the soft texture of knitwear, which is a specialty of cardigans, makes them easy to wear with both dress and casual wear. The versatility of the cardigan, which can be used as both outerwear and innerwear, makes it a representative of the cool-casual item that serves as a joint between dress and casual wear. Of course, it can be worn as a mid-layer under a tailored jacket or as an outer layer over a shirt during the change of season, when the difference in temperature between morning and evening and during the day is significant.


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