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Learn how to dress stylishly from Sean Connery [ the first Bond ].


Learn how to dress stylishly from Sean Connery [ the first Bond ].

Sean Connery was the first actor to portray the fictional British secret agent (MI6 agent) James Bond: code name “007” on film, starring in seven Bond films between 1962 and 1971. The iconic image was created by Terence Young, director of the first ‘ Dr. No’, Ian Fleming, the author of the original, and Anthony Sinclair, a familiar tailor to both of them, while Connery brought his physical grace and presence to the action, Connery is said to have honed the sexy and charismatic character of James Bond while bringing his physical grace and presence to the action. In this issue, we focus on Sean Connery, introducing his styling of yesteryear and the brand items he wore in Bond films!

The sexy and charismatic first James Bond, 007Sean Connery, a style icon who embodies masculine elegance

He rose to international superstar status as the British secret agent James Bond, The charismatic Scottish actor Sean Connery, who later abandoned the role to build an Oscar-winning career in other demanding roles, was named People Magazine’s ” Sexiest Man Alive ” at age 59 and won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor in 1988 for ‘ Untouchable. He declined to appear in 007 films after 1967’s ‘ 007 Dies Twice,’ but returned to the role for the well-paying ‘ Diamonds Are Forever’ (1971). After that, he said he would never play Bond again. Since then, he appeared in various genres of films including comedies, adventures, and serious dramas in order to shed his image as a Bond actor and play a wide range of characters, and passed away on October 31, 2020, at the age of 90.

Sean Connery, 1962 : Studio Publicity Still: “Dr. No”

How Sean Connery dresses (1)Tied-up beige suit gives both a clean look and fearlessness

Set in Cuba during the upheaval of Castro’s revolution, the film depicts the love between a British man hired as a government military advisor and his reunited old lover. Sean Connery in the film ‘ Farewell Cuba’ (1979). He wears a beige suit tied up in light tones typical of Cuba, which has a mild climate with an average temperature of over 20 degrees Celsius year-round, and a thick regimental tie to create a fearless look.

Sean Connery on set of the film ‘Cuba’ (1979),.

Sean Connery's outfit (2)Dark-colored cardigan tightens the axis of the cool and bright coordinate

The innerwear and bottoms are in bright colors to ensure a relaxed and clean look at the axis of the coordinate, while the dark-colored Sean Connery’s casual outfit is tightened up with a dark-colored cardigan. The relaxed-fit cardigan gently wraps the muscular body trained through bodybuilding, creating a clean and effortless styling.

Sean Connery at apartment
1964 © 1978 Bob Willoughby

How Sean Connery dresses (3)Golf style with brown V-neck knit and gray polo shirt

During the filming of ‘ 007 Goldfinger (1964), Astin Martin DB4, known as the Bond car Sean Connery leaning against the Astin Martin DB4 known as the Bond car during the filming of “007 Goldfinger” (1964). The dark brown V-neck knit, gray polo shirt, and charcoal gray slim slacks are the same look he wore when playing golf in the movie. Incidentally, she wears red gloves in this scene to accentuate her hands.

Sean Connery with Astin Martin DB4
1964 UA / MPTV

How Sean Connery dresses (4)Anthony Sinclair's chic gray suit tailored by Anthony Sinclair

Sean Connery in a gray suit tailored by Anthony Sinclair during his appearance in ‘”Dr. No”. The natural shoulder line drawn from a beautiful “climb” that seems to suck in the neck, the contrasting balance between the broad shoulders and narrow lapels designed to fit Sean Connery’s well-trained body, and the two-button V-zone set at a low lapel return position…etc. The “Bond suit” is so timelessly loved by suit lovers that even today it is nicknamed the “Bond suit”.

“Dr. No,”
John Kitzmiller, Sean Connery, Jack Lord
1961 UA / MPTV

Sean Connery's Outfit (5)Tied-up jackets are worn with a stylish look with a crisp color scheme on the top and bottom.

Dark-colored tailored jacket and light-toned slacks combine to create a jacket style. The white shirt is tied up to increase the level of formality, while the contrasting colors of the top and bottom give the look a “casual” finish.

Scottish actors Sean Connery and Virna Lisi at the Premiere of “Shalako” 01/10/1968

Sean Connery's outfit ⑥Long coat gives a classic look to this casual style

A long chester coat is worn over a polo shirt with an expressive wooden fabric, adding a classic look to a casual outfit. This coordinate adds a classic atmosphere to a casual outfit. This is the kind of classy casual styling that can be referenced in the “Old Money Fashion” that has been gaining attention in recent years.


Sean Connery's outfits (7)Using a white high-neck knit to avoid the heavy look of a leather coat

A shot from Sean Connery’s first film role in ”Hell Express” (1957). The use of a white high-neck knit to lighten the look of a brown leather coat outerwear is a must-see for future coat outfits.

Sean Connery, 1957 : HELL DRIVERS, actor Sean Connery, 1957

How Sean Connery Wore It (8)The Iconic Glen Check Three-Piece Suit in Elegance

The smart way Sean Connery wore his three-piece suit in ‘ 007/Goldfinger’. The suit was tailored by Anthony Sinclair, of course, and the slightly loose fit and six-button vest are a striking example of the iconic suit style of the 1960s.

Sean Connery, UNDATED : SEAN CONNERY: BOB GRANT- Credit Image: (c) Globe Photos

Sean Connery wears relaxed resort wear in a sexy way ⑨Sean Connery wears relaxed resort wear in a sexy way

Sean Connery wears relaxed resort wear in a sexy way. 5-pocket style with faded seams. The cotton pants with faded seams in the five-pocket style are hemmed up to finish the hemline nicely and worn like slacks, which is fresh.


Sean Connery's outfit ➉A simple knitwear coordinate

Relaxed fit pants with the collar of the shirt used as innerwear peeking out from the neckline of the crew neck ribbed knit. Sean Connery wearing relaxed-fit pants. The item composition is simple, but the selection of items that show a lot of attention to detail, such as a ribbed raglan sleeve knit with a strong presence and a pair of leather boots with belt detail, is very appealing.

Sean Connery pictured at his new house in Acton. the house was once a convent and he is still getting calls asking for the convent. 24th September 1962.

Here are some items of note that are indispensable to Sean Connery’s outfits!

From here, we will pick up the key brands and items for Sean Connery’s outfits, while introducing the hottest items currently available for purchase.

Sean Connery Wears Branded SuitAnthony Sinclair Conduit Cut THREE-PIECE GLEN PLAID SUIT

The image of James Bond, the most famous British intelligence officer in the history of the 20th century, was created by the first British intelligence officer, James Bond. The image of James Bond, the most famous British secret agent in the history of the 20th century, was created by Terrence Young, the director of the first ‘ Dr. No’, Ian Fleming, the author of the novel, and Anthony Sinclair, a tailor who was a friend of both of them. Most of Sean Connery’s suits were made by Anthony Sinclair. Here is the gray three-piece ensemble worn by Sean Connery in ‘ Goldfinger’, with Anthony Sinclair’s classic ” conduit cut ” tailoring.

See more details on the official site.

Brand worn by Sean ConneryTurnbull & Asser dress shirt

The shirt worn with Anthony Sinclair’s suit is from Turnbull & Asser. The online store has a “James Bond Collection” that includes original pieces created for films such as “Dr. No” with Sean Connery, “Casino Royale” with Daniel Craig, and “Die Another Day” with Pierce Brosnan. The collection is inspired by the originals created for films such as “Dr. No” with Sean Connery, “Casino Royale” with Daniel Craig, and “Die Another Day” with Pierce Brosnan, and is reprinted from the archives!

Learn more about Turnbull & Asser

Sean Connery wears the brandORLEBAR BROWN striped shirt

Based in London and founded in 2007, ORLEBAR BROWN, played by Daniel Craig in the 2012 007 movie Skyfall The luxury resort wear brand came into the limelight when James Bond, played by Daniel Craig, wore the brand’s swimwear in the movie “Skyfall” released in 2012. The brand reissues resort wear such as swimwear, gowns, and safari shirts worn by James Bond, played by Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, and Daniel Craig, from the first 007 film ‘ Dr. No’ to ‘ Skyfall’.

Learn more about All Bar Brown.

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