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What are the tips for fat and chubby men in their 30s to build a fashionable fashion style?


What are the tips for fat and chubby men in their 30s to build a fashionable fashion style?

In this article, the author, one of the chubby men in his 30s, will seriously extract and introduce the points that chubby men in their 30s should be aware of in order to achieve a fashionable fashion style.

The basis of a fashionable fashion style is ” cleanliness!

Not limited to fat and chubby body types, if men in their thirties are to achieve a fashionable fashion style, the first thing they need to do is to ensure that they produce a sense of cleanliness. No matter what your body type or age, men with a clean look are more likely to be seen as fashionable by others. They should trim their hair and beards, remove unwanted hair, and wear simple clothes that do not look too tight or too loose for their own body shape and frame. Most fashionable men are thorough in the above efforts to create a sense of cleanliness. A clean look also has the advantage of giving off a positive image, such as ” chubby body = receptive and cute.

James Corden seen arriving at The Chiltern Firehouse in London for an evening out.

Editor Maruyama
In one’s thirties, the impression of being an “adult” becomes much stronger, and it is normal to pay attention to one’s behavior and appearance without being told to do so by those around you. It is best to think of a clean appearance as the minimum requirement for being fashionable.

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Fashionable points for thick and chubby men in their 30s (1)Style your hair, eyebrows, and beard according to your preferred style

The “hair around the face” is as important as clothing in creating a stylish impression. By creating the impression of “hair,” “eyebrows,” and “mustache,” you can express what kind of clothes and lifestyle you prefer. For example, if you prefer hip-hop/street fashion, you should have short, greased hair with straight, well-groomed eyebrows and a beard. If you prefer the Korean fashion and clean-cut style that has been popular recently, you can choose a center parted hairstyle, thinning eyebrows toward the end of the eyebrows to give you a dignified look, or remove the mustache by hair removal. It is no exaggeration to say that having one’s hair, eyebrows, and mustache styled based on an understanding of one’s bone structure and preferred style is a prerequisite for creating a stylish impression.

Editor Maruyama
For those with thick or chubby body types, masculine hair, eyebrows, and beard styles such as street and barber styles are a good match. There are many role models who can serve as references, such as celebrities Kendo Kobayashi and Kensuke Sasaki. For example, Kendo Kobayashi and Kensuke Sasaki are good role models for celebrities. Overseas, it is also a good idea to look at the Italian dandy men who participate in the Pitti Uomo fashion fair. If you want to change the trend a little, you could look at Shindon of the male idol group Super Junior, who will be 38 years old in 2024, and whose hairstyle and eyebrows match the recent Korean fashion trend, so I think there are many points of reference!
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Fashionable points for fat and chubby men in their 30s (2)Keep your clothes simple (plain monotone + no more than two color schemes)

There must be many people who think, “I don’t want to be a fashionista, but I want to have enough fashion sense to be considered fashionable by those around me. Stylish men who are recognized by those around them are constantly improving their skills to coordinate stylishly in a simple style. What many of these fashionable men practice is to put together their entire body with plain items and keep the color scheme to monotone plus two colors or less.

Editor Maruyama
As the saying goes, “It’s the limitations that make you creative.” By daring to set limitations even in coordination, you can discover new and stylish ways of dressing. For example, “keep everything in black and add a touch of color with accessories,” or “wear a white shirt with black pants and colorful sneakers on your feet to accentuate your outfit. We hope you will try to think of stylish coordination with the clothes you have on hand.

The silhouette should be “loose-fitting without looking too loose”!

Once you know the pattern and color of the item you want to wear, the next thing you need to worry about is choosing the right size. It is tempting to choose slim silhouette clothes to make a chubby body look thinner, but basically, it is preferable to choose a size that falls between a tight-fitting and a loose-fitting silhouette. By choosing clothes with a moderate amount of room, you can cover up the lines of your body in a good way, making you look slimmer than if you were to wear tight-fitting clothes. In the past few years, relaxed silhouettes have been attracting attention, so choosing a size that feels comfortable and roomy has the advantage of creating a more modern look.

Editor Maruyama
For a stylish oversized look, it is important to choose items that are not too long. If both tops and pants are too long, it is easy to give the impression of being dumpy and lazy. If you are going for an oversized or relaxed fit, the trick is to choose items that are not too long to look fashionable.

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Fashionable points for fat and chubby men in their 30s (3)

Glasses with grease on them, tired wallets, bags with worn-out bottoms, wrinkled clothes, and tattered sneakers. If you are careless about the things you wear, you may be seen as someone who is careless about fashion and lacks self-control. This is especially true if you have a chubby body. We want to keep the things we wear as clean as possible by regularly replacing them and maintaining them.

Editor Maruyama
As a sloppy person, I am always conscious of creating an environment and habit to keep my personal items in a clean condition, so that they require as little time and effort to maintain as possible. For example, for clothes, I choose clothes with wrinkle-resistant features, or learn and practice wrinkle-resistant washing methods to minimize the need for ironing. For ideas on how to maintain and keep your personal items clean, check out YOUTUBE, Instagram, and other social networking accounts on all kinds of accounts.

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Fashionable points for thick and chubby men in their 30s (4)

It is easy to give the impression that you are not clean, Unwanted hair” tends to give an impression of lack of cleanliness and is a point to be deducted from fashion. Especially during the spring and summer seasons, when more skin is exposed, it is important to thoroughly remove unwanted hair on the arms, legs, and chest that can be seen from the neck. Simply making adjustments so that the hair does not ” look like it has been left to grow out ” is enough to make a difference in the impression. One option is to go to a hair removal clinic and have no hair at all, while another is to use a body trimmer or a razor to adjust the length and amount of hair.

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Editor Maruyama
Besides shin and arm hair, it is also important to check for nose hair. Even if your hair and clothes are perfect, if you have nose hair sticking out, it will ruin the whole look.

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Bad breath, body odor, fresh smell…. It is good if you can even take care of “smell care” of breath, body odor, fresh air odor…etc.

The last thing you want to pay attention to is smell. A person who smells good when meeting someone is more likely to make a good impression and stand out in a fashionable atmosphere. On the other hand, a strong smell is likely to give a negative impression no matter how fashionable you look. Note that fat and chubby people tend to have a strong body odor because their fat acts as an insulator, causing heat to build up and sweat easily. It is important to take countermeasures by regularly wiping perspiration with a towel and using deodorant products to prevent odors.

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