Learn how to coordinate stylish gray sweatshirts from international celebrities!


Learn how to coordinate stylish gray sweatshirts from international celebrities!

The urbane hue of this gray sweatshirt gives it a mature and stylish look, and it is an extremely popular staple item for American casual wear. The thick sweatshirt fabric, designed for athletic use, is stretchy, sweat-absorbent, durable, and cold-resistant, and its sporty and relaxed atmosphere differs from that of clean and delicate knitwear, giving casual styling a more laid-back feel. In this issue, we focus on the “gray sweatshirt,” and introduce the most popular outfits and recommended items!

Do you know the creator of the trainer?

The prototype of the sweatshirt was developed in 1926 by ” Russell Athletic,” an American clothing manufacturer. Russell Jr., the son of the brand’s founder, who was a member of his high school football team, complained to his father that football shirts, which had been made of wool, became uncomfortable and itchy when they were sweaty. The idea was to improve the material to a more breathable, comfortable, and durable cotton material. A few years after its development, full-scale production began at the Russell Athletic factory in 1930. The V-shaped (inverted triangle) notch in the center of the collar, a signature detail of the crewneck sweatshirt, was adopted as a style variation from the beginning and was equipped to control the elongation of the collar. In 1940s, the brand was finally adopted as training wear for the U.S. Army during World War II. Russell Athletic’s sweatshirts established an unshakable status.

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Sweatshirts are actually a Japanese word! In English-speaking countries, the correct term is “sweatshirt.

The word “trainer” is actually a Japanese word that is only used in Japan and was named by Kensuke Ishizu, the founder of Van Jacket inc. and the father of the Ivy League look in Japan. Mr. Ishizu, who was a big boxing fan, saw the sweatshirts worn by the trainers who coached overseas boxers, and he started his own company to sell sweatshirts under the product name of “trainers. Mr. Ishizu, who was active as a fashion producer in the 1960s, invented many Japanese English words such as “stadium jacket,” “swing top,” and “stainless steel collar coat,” and “sweatshirt” is one of the representative examples. The name “sweatshirts” was introduced to the world because the English name “sweatshirts” was not as popular as “sweatshirts”.

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Why is “gray” the most popular color for sweatshirts?

Now that we have touched on the history of the sweatshirt, the question arises: “Why is gray the most popular color for sweatshirts? This question is not limited to Japan. This perception is not limited to Japan; even overseas, gray is considered the standard color for sweatshirts, and has been used in many movies, including Steve McQueen in “The Great Escape,” Kevin Bacon in “Footloose,” Eddie Murphy in “Beverly Hills Cop,” John Travolta in “Grease,” and many others. The main characters in these films wear gray sweatshirts. Of course, even recently, gray sweatshirts have appeared in many movies, TV dramas, and online productions, indicating their popularity and staple status.

And the question, “Why is gray the most popular sweatshirt?” There are various answers to this question, each of which lacks conclusive evidence, but one of the most popular theories is that it is deeply related to the history of clothing and textiles. This is because clothing was originally made of high quality wool and other animal hair for its thermal insulation properties, and its color was a natural gray. Even today, when technology has advanced and cotton, a vegetable-based material that can be mass-produced at reasonable prices, is used, gray is still the predominant color in sweatshirts because it is modeled after the texture and color of finer wool. This theory is highly plausible in light of the fact that the football uniforms that led to the creation of the Russell Athletic sweatshirt were originally made of wool, and cotton was adopted as an improved version of the original uniform. Although there is no clear mention of this on the Russell Athletic website, it is an undeniable fact that “gray sweatshirts” have been and continue to be a staple in the past and present, regardless of which side of the world you are on.

What are the tips for wearing gray sweatshirts?

While it is possible to wear a single gray sweatshirt as a sporty top, for a more mature and smart look, it is a good idea to add a white item such as a white T-shirt, white shirt, or white polo shirt to accentuate the clean image. Simply showing a white innerwear item from the neckline of the gray sweatshirt will refresh the impression around the face and give it a sophisticated look. For a more formal look, a white shirt is always a good choice, a white polo shirt adds a mature touch to a sporty look, and a white T-shirt emphasizes a casual look. Of course, there is also the option of peeking out a white high-neck, but for a sleeker look, a gray sweatshirt or high-neck alone will look sleeker and more mature, so be careful when layering.

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