Black Sweatshirt Coordinates! Sporty yet chic men’s outfits & recommended items!


Black Sweatshirt Coordinates! Sporty yet chic men's outfits & recommended items!

These black sweatshirts give off the sporty vibe and relaxed feel that sweatshirts are known for, while keeping the look cool. They are also a staple with a vivid graphic print that is hard to find in knitwear, and they can play a supporting role in assisting styling, or even play a starring role as a key item in creating a fashionable look. In this issue, we will focus on black sweatshirts, and introduce some of the most popular outfits and recommended items that can be worn smartly in town!

Black sweatshirt and beige sideline pants for a sporty finish to your coordinate

Sports-inspired sweatshirts that combine athleticism with ease of movement and toughness have recently been released by high-end brands and street brands, and are now being updated to become more stylish items. This gentleman picked up a pair of black sweatshirts with the Palm Angels triangle logo printed on the chest, and added beige sideline pants and black high-cut sneakers to give a sporty look to his simple coordinate. Instead of using track pants, the most popular type of bottoms with sidelines, he dares to combine chinos-faced cotton twill pants with street-style black trainers, successfully differentiating himself from mass-produced sports mixes.

Palm Angels Black Sweatshirt

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Style your men’s outfit with a mode-inspired burgundy stadium jacket and black trainers

The burgundy model of Saint Laurent’s iconic stadium jacket “Teddy Jacket” is worn with plain black trainers and slim-fit denim slacks for a clean look. The stadium jacket is updated with a clean silhouette and a mode look, and the denim slacks have a mature look that is different from the five-pocket jeans, which add style to the outer frame of the coordinate. The short length of the bottoms set above the ankles, the plain socks flashed, and the derby shoes on the feet are also brilliant.

Ami PARIS Black Sweatshirt

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