Sweatshirt Codes! Men’s outfits with a sporty touch & recommended items!


Sweatshirt Codes! Men's outfits with a sporty touch & recommended items!

Developed by the American sportswear brand ” Champion “, this sweatshirt combines athleticism with ease of movement and toughness. Like sneakers, track pants, and hoodies, they are a staple item for men that can add a sporty essence to your outfits and create a sense of sophistication. In this issue, we focus on the “sweatshirt” and introduce some of the hottest outfits and items!

Sweatshirt and wide pants in white for a beautiful monotone coordinate

Sports-inspired sweatshirts go great with outdoor fleece jackets. However, be careful not to match sweatshirts with fleece jackets too easily, as this may result in a lack of interest and a plain look. This is a good example of such a combination of sweatshirt and fleece jacket, with the colors adding a touch of crispness to the look. The core sweatshirt and wide pants are white, and the black fleece jacket gives the monotone coordinate a beautiful impression. The combination of the sweatshirt and fleece jacket ensures the affinity of the items while accentuating the contrast between black and white and enhancing the pop color effect of the white sneakers.

Carhartt WIP Sweatshirt

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Athleisure style with a tailored coat paired with a sweatshirt top and bottom

A black tailored coat is worn with a wooden gray sweatshirt top and bottom for a sporty outfit with a cozy look. A knit hat that matches the color of the coat and a pair of white sneakers, a staple of casual shoes, complete the athleisure style without any awkwardness. The sweatshirt top and bottom do not dominate the image of the styling because the long coat is worn over it to create a good balance.

Filippa K sweatshirt

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