Hoodie Codes! Tips on how to dress stylishly & the latest men’s snapshots!


Hoodie Codes! Tips on how to dress stylishly & the latest men's snapshots!

The royal sweatshirt item indispensable to American casual and street style is the ” hoodie. It is a men’s iron plate item that emphasizes the sports mix feeling more than crew-neck sweatshirts and knits, and can be worn with jackets and coats to achieve a cozy atmosphere. In this issue, we focus on the “hoodie” and pick up the most popular outfits and recommended items!

What is Parker?

Generally, hoodies and hooded sweatshirts are called “hooded sweatshirts” in Japan. However, since the term “parka” in other countries refers to “hooded parka,” there has been a noticeable movement in Japan to adopt the name “hoodie” to avoid confusion with the term “parka. (* Incidentally, the word “hood” is derived from the Anglo-Saxon word “höd,” which has the same root as “hat.)


The first company to produce hooded sweatshirts was the American brand ” Champion,” founded in 1919, which produced hooded sweatshirts in the 1930s for workers in upstate New York who worked in warehouses during the harsh cold weather. It is said that the company then provided sports kits, including sweatshirts for training exercises, to the U.S. military. The hoodie gained iconic status as a fashion item with the release of the hit movie ‘Rocky’ starring Sylvester Stallone in 1976, the rise of hip-hop culture in the 1970s, and the fact that many colleges and universities were also using hooded sweatshirts during this period. The so-called “hoodie” became a popular fashion item among a wide range of people.

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Advantages and disadvantages of using a hoodie in a men’s coordinate

Merits of using a hoodie in a men’s coordinate

The most notable advantage of the hoodie is that it can be used as an inner layer to emphasize a mix of styles, and can be layered with a variety of outerwear to create a sophisticated look. It can be worn with jackets and coats as well as in American casual, athletic, and street style outfits, and it can also be worn with outerwear to bring a comfortable mood to an outfit while reducing the dressiness, formal look, and formal atmosphere of outerwear items. In particular, it can be worn well with double trench coats and riders, which are considered too difficult to wear casually. By blending the impression of the hoodie with the decorative details around the face, the layered look becomes more sophisticated and eliminates any pretense or pretentiousness.

Demerits of wearing a hoodie in a men’s coordinate

When using a parka as an inner layer, it is important to find a balance with the volume of the outer layer. If you match a thick parka with a thin outer layer, the outer layer will look poor, and if you match a thin parka with a down jacket or other voluminous outer layer, the parka will look cold and the coordinate will be unbalanced. In any case, if the parka and outerwear are not well balanced, the sophistication and stylishness of the styling will be lost, and it may look awkward and drab. Furthermore, when layering several items such as jackets, coats, and gilets over the parka, it is essential to secure enough space to create a relaxed mood so that the outerwear will not be overstuffed and ruin the silhouette of the outerwear layered on top. Of course, to be creative in layering with today’s oversized outerwear, it is important to choose the right hoodie for a fashionable look.

What are 3 tips for wearing a hoodie?

Tips for a hoodie coordinate (1) “Show off a layered T-shirt from a boxy-fit hoodie with a short body length to create a sophisticated look.

Many of the leading contemporary brands are offering boxy-fit sweatshirts with a short length, along with oversized sweatshirts. The boxy fit sweatshirt has a more relaxed silhouette than the trendy oversized sweatshirt, which allows for a more mature look, making it ideal for layering with an inner layer or showing off a T-shirt to create a sophisticated atmosphere. The short boxy-fit hoodie has a high potential to achieve a look that is neither too loose nor too tight.

Tips for a hoodie coordinate (2): “Blend the hoodie used as innerwear with a dressy coat to mix and match with the latest styles.

For the fastest way to complete the mix of the latest styles, layering a parka with a dress coat, such as a trench, stainless steel collar, or Chester, is the perfect way to go. Of course, layering with a tailored jacket is also possible, but a classic coat with a longer length is more mature and stylish. Moreover, depending on the selection and combination of items, it can be worn in both mode and on the street, and it is also ideal for expressing sophisticated layering that incorporates several items.

Hoodie Coordinate Tip 3: “Choose an oversized or drop-shoulder hoodie with a relaxed silhouette to update your styling.

The oversized and drop-shoulder sweatshirt parka has gained status as one of the most popular basic item options after being a transient trend. The silhouette is both comfortable and elegant, dispelling the image of authentic collegiate sports, and allows for a more casual look when tucked in, expanding the range of coordination with a different approach from the stereotypical sports casual look. To update your styling with a relaxed silhouette, oversized or drop-shoulder hoodies are the perfect choice.

Here are some of the latest hoodie-based outfits!

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