What is the key to wearing a navy parka cord in a stylish way? Includes examples of outfits and recommended items!


What is the key to wearing a navy parka cord in a stylish way? Includes examples of outfits and recommended items!

Navy parkas add an intellectual and elegant look to sporty outfits. In this issue, we focus on the “navy parka” and introduce the key points of wearing it, men’s coordinates from overseas that can be used as a reference, and recommended items!

Navy parkas go well with a clean and smart look that stands out.

Navy parka, which moderates the active atmosphere and creates a relaxed and mature mood, is recommended to be worn in a clean style. While rough or loose styling is of course fine, a stylish look that is clean and smart can be completed with a combination of clean items.

Point 1: “Wear a hood over a knit hat or cap to give the navy parka a different look.

Wearing the hood of a hoodie over a knit hat or cap, which is a street staple, is a great way to express ingenuity in dressing. Of course, it is also effective with a navy hoodie, adding a street-style feel and a twist to the outfit. However, be sure to choose a navy hoodie with a large enough hood to completely cover the hat for a more stylish look.

Dressing Point (2): “A navy parka with a ‘slightly loose’ silhouette for a modern look.

If you want to wear a navy parka with a modern look, aim for an oversized or drop-shoulder style. Rather than the extreme oversized street mode style, a “slightly loose” silhouette that does not detract from the adult look is what we are in the mood for right now. It is sure to update your styling in a flash.

Point 3: “Refresh the impression of the navy parka coordinate by creating a sense of escapism with a flirty white T-shirt.

The technique of creating an accent by letting the inner white T-shirt peek out from the hem of the pullover to create a sophisticated atmosphere can be applied to navy parkas as well. By creating just enough area so that it does not look sloppy, it is guaranteed to create a look that is relaxed while maintaining an intelligent and elegant impression.

Take a quick look at international street snapshots of navy parkas! Find your ideal men’s outfit!

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