9 must-have “pullover hoodie” coordinates for men!


9 must-have "pullover hoodie" coordinates for men!

This pullover parka can be worn alone for a fashionable look. Layering it with a tailored jacket, a stainless collar coat, or a trench coat is perfect for creating a sophisticated look, and the trendy oversized size, brand logo, and back print make it perfect for expressing a street-like or mode look. In this issue, we focus on the “pullover hoodie” and introduce styling tips, reference men’s coordinates, and recommended items!

What is a pullover?

A pullover is a general term for a garment worn over the head with no buttons, zippers, or other openings at the front or back. Sweaters and sweatshirts are the most popular pullovers, and anorak parkas with hoods and so-called “hoodies” are also included in this category.

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What bottoms go well with pullover parkas?

The basic pullover hoodie can be worn as rough or as clean as you like, so it goes well with all kinds of bottoms. For a sporty look or effortless styling, wear sweatpants or track pants, for a more mature and clean look, wear slacks or chinos, and for a rougher look, wear jeans. For a more trendy look, wide pants, baggy jeans, or loose-fitting cargo pants are recommended. For an edgier, mode street style, wear an oversized pullover hoodie with sarouel pants or layered shorts and leggings for a more flattering silhouette.

What thickness of bottoms goes with pullover parkas?

Although nuances vary slightly depending on the item’s size, silhouette, and length, the excellent thing about the pullover parka is that it matches bottoms of any thickness, including straight, slim tapered, and wide-leg, not to mention skinny and tight fit. For a clean and stylish look, go for slim bottoms, and for a rough and loose look, go for thicker bottoms.

TOMMY HILFIGER Pullover Hoodie

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Chic layers of black and navy give the pullover hoodie coordinate a classy and sophisticated look.

This casual coordinate features an oversized navy shirt layered with a black pullover hoodie with a white logo on the right chest, giving both a clean look and a casual feel. The black baggy jeans and tough-looking lug-soled shoes add a trendy touch, successfully updating the dark-colored men’s coordinate. The layered shirt and pullover parka is different from tailored jackets and overcoats.

NEW BALANCE Pullover Hoodie

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A pullover parka that looks instantly cozy with a glimpse of a white T-shirt

A thick pullover hoodie with a self-supporting hood and sweatpants in black are combined with a white T-shirt flashing at the hem and cuffs for a sophisticated look. The navy baseball cap curbs the monotony of the all-black look, and the Nike union x air jordan 1 storm blue set on the feet gives the outfit a hazier look.

BARROW Pullover Hoodie

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A chic pullover hoodie in a dark grayish green for a streetwise athleisure look

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-based rapper Wiz Khalifa wears a chic dark grayish green Champion pullover hoodie with black PLACES+FACES sweatpants and black Converse All Star HI. The hood worn over a white beanie and the monotone footwear give the look a street feel, creating an athleisure style with a twist.

Oversized pullover hoodies inject a sense of trend into men’s coordination.

An oversized pullover hoodie with a college-logo print gives the simple men’s coordinate a trendy look. The big silhouette of the pullover hoodie creates a moderately loose and relaxed atmosphere, while the center press and side lines of the track pants create a clean look, and the checkered pattern low-cut sneakers bring it all together beautifully. If you want to express a modern look with a pullover hoodie, aim for this kind of oversized, loose-fitting, drop-shoulder item with a freestanding hood.

Men’s coordinate with a beige pullover parka and black ankle pants for a crisp look

This gentleman combines a beige pullover parka that blends well with his skin with black ankle pants, creating a crisp look with the different colors of the top and bottom. White socks peeking out from between the white low-cut sneakers and black ankle pants add a nude nuance. The black backpack that completes the mild impression around his face is also a nice touch.

Carhartt WIP Pullover Hoodie

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To see more hoodie outfits for men, check out the OTOKOMAE Snap Page!

The pullover hoodie outfits we picked up this time and other snaps are now available on the OTOKOMAE Snap Page. By using the hashtag function, you can check all the snaps focusing on a single item at once. If you register as a member, you can save your favorite snaps and articles.

To see more men's hoodie outfits, check out the "OTOKOMAE Snap Page"!

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OTOKOMAE editorial department recommends “pullover hoodies!

Finally, the OTOKOMAE editorial department introduces “pullover parkas” that we recommend to our readers, based on information obtained from interviews at hot brand exhibitions and leading select stores, as well as from our fixed-point observations in major fashion cities!

Featured Pullover Hoodies (1) URBAN RESEARCH Pullover Hoodie

The low-gauge knitted fabric of this canoko knit pullover parka gives it a rough, relaxed look. It features a standard, quirky design that matches with any coordinates, and a moderate sense of comfort due to the unique texture of the fabric, which is pleasant to the touch and easy to wear even in the hot season before summer.

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Noted pullover parka (2) Champion pullover parka

A pullover hoodie that can be worn in three seasons with a 100% cotton (main body) lining for a good feel against the skin. The brand logo on the chest and cuffs is also subtle, and because it is finished in a neat silhouette in the Japanese planning size, it is perfect for a clean look.

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Notable pullover parka (3) GENTLEMAN PROJECTS GARY

If you want to make a difference with a modern BIG silhouette, Gentleman Projects’ “GARY” is by far the best choice. It is made of a high quality sweatshirt fabric with a strong firmness achieved by a pile-knit back, and is a beautiful and tough gem suitable for adults who want to look both modern and sophisticated.

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