Coat Codes by Type Men’s Special! Selected outfits from the latest Pitti snaps of 2022!


Coat Codes by Type Men's Special! Selected outfits from the latest Pitti snaps of 2022!

The “coat” is a must-have item of winter outerwear. There are various types of coats, such as the Chesterfield coat, which gained popularity in the Victorian era and has since been stylishly updated; the stainless collar coat, which originated as a raincoat; and the military-inspired P coat and trench coat. In this issue, we will pick up the different ways of dressing with such coats, and carefully select and introduce the latest Pitti Uomo snapshots held in January 2022.

The latest men’s winter coordinate using coats (1) “Chester Coat

Expressing a color scheme with a hook by distributing the colorful tones picked up from the checkered pattern of the chester coat to other items

The color scheme is a hooked one, with orange and yellow picked out from the hound’s tooth pattern of the multicolored Chester coat, and each color is divided into a ribbed knit hat and a turtleneck sweater. The use of unexpected vitamin colors easily differentiates this look from winter coordinates, which tend to be dominated by dark tones, and creates a bright, pop-inspired styling. The choice of ivory chinos is also brilliant, as they have a good neutralizing power.

MANUEL RITZ Chester coat

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Chester coats with depth of color and material give a chic look to men’s winter outfits.

A deep moss green tweed mohair-blend chester coat was selected for a chic outfit with a gray tailored jacket, brown cardigan, white shirt, and off-white trousers. A mustard patterned scarf that goes well with the color of the coat adds seasonal color to the outfit, and a brown cardigan peeking out slightly from the front of the coat matches the brown suede penny loafers, completing the stylish look with an excellent color palette. Hats off to the use of brown accessories, including the leather gloves and sunglasses peeking out from the coat pockets, which contrast with the Chester coat.

Harris Wharf London Chester Coat

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Elevate your checkered brown suit tie-up style with a dressy olive double chester coat

The rich olive double Chester coat with a shiny wool-cashmere texture was worn over a brown suit tied up with a modest checkered pattern. Leather gloves, a leather Boston bag, and suede tassel loafers are all in the same brown tone as the coat, and a silk blue tie and white shirt give the coat’s V-zone an elegant look with a crisp, crisp look. Nice choice of an olive chester coat that is neither too mild nor too bitter, and that combines elegance and masculinity.

LOW BRAND Chester Coat

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