Coat and Sweatshirt Hoodie Men’s Coordinate Special! Introducing winter outfits with a mix of styles for a cozy look!


Coat and Sweatshirt Hoodie Men's Coordinate Special! Introducing winter outfits with a mix of styles for a cozy look!

The mix of dress and casual wear has become a popular style in men’s fashion in recent years, and layering a coat with a sweatshirt parka has become a popular way to add a touch of sophistication. The hood of the parka is placed on the back collar of the coat to add a sporty spice, blending the dressiness of the coat with the casualness of the parka to create a modern styling. In this issue, we focus on the “coat and sweatshirt parka” coordinate, and introduce the most notable outfits and items!

A black chester coat and a white sweatshirt parka express a monotone coordinate with a modern look

Old coats that have lost their place in the back of the closet and retro-fashioned coats that are no longer in vogue can be worn with sweatshirts and hoodies for a more modern look. The snapshots picked up here are an example of such a coat and sweatshirt parka coordinate. The retro black chester coat with its low gauze lapel and structured shoulder line might look old-fashioned by itself, but layered with a white sweatshirt parka, it gives the outfit a more modern look with an added touch of sophistication. The YEEZY BOOST 700 WAVE RUNNER by Adidas and Kanye West accelerates the street look, and the parka and sneakers wipe out the chic look that is often associated with monotone coordinates.

Hevo Chester Coat

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A cozy winter coordinate with a tone-on-tone double coat and sweatshirt parka layering

In addition to the tracker cap and sneakers, the key point to note in this coordinate is the coloring of the textured double coat and sweatshirt parka, which are layered in tone-on-tone gray to give the look a cozy finish. The drawcord of the parka and T-shirt, as well as the details of the cap and sneakers, add a touch of white. While the coat and parka blend together with the same color scheme, the different tones bring out the differences in taste. This outfit reminds us that the key to the stylishness of the coat and sweatshirt parka coordinate is the use of color.

Z ZEGNA Chester Coat

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