Brown Coat Codes Men’s Special! Introducing the items and outfits that exude an adult’s austerity and sex appeal.


Brown Coat Codes Men's Special! Introducing the items and outfits that exude an adult's austerity and sex appeal.

Brown coats bring out an adult’s glamour and sex appeal while adding flair to fall and winter outfits that tend to be dominated by dark tones. In this issue, we focus on the “brown coat” and introduce stylish adult outfits and recommended items!

Shape the waist belt of a brown coat to express an elegant silhouette in your coordinate

Mr. Pino Lelario of TAGLIATORE chose a belted brown coat with a waist shaping that creates a crisp and neat silhouette. While stylishly raising the bottom of the coat with a black turtleneck knit and gray slacks with a modest checkered pattern, the waist belt of the brown coat is shaped to create an elegant silhouette. With a brown coat like this, which can be worn in a rough style and also be waist-marked, you can enjoy a variety of stylish looks, depending on the arrangement of the waist belt.


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Brown coat, beige turtleneck and white cotton pants create an elegant and beautiful latte coordinate

The latte coordinate expresses elegance and richness that cannot be achieved in a dark-toned, safe winter outfit, and is smartly constructed with a brown coat, beige turtleneck, and white cotton pants. The exquisite placement of the items gives the gradient a crispness that prevents it from looking monotonous, a brilliant technique. The brown coat with its collar up and beige turtleneck is a nice touch.

Z ZEGNA Brown coat

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