Polo Coat Coordinate Special! Featured Men’s Outfits & Recommended Items


Polo Coat Coordinate Special! Featured Men's Outfits & Recommended Items

The “polo coat” has its roots in the weight coat worn by polo players in England during a seven-minute interval called the “chukker. In the 1920s, this style of coat became very popular among Ivy League students. Since then, this style of coat has been generally recognized as the polo coat, and it continues to be worn to this day. In this issue, we focus on the “polo coat” and introduce some of the hottest outfits and recommended items!

Polo Coats, “The Aristocrat of Topcoats,” Make Men’s Codes Noble

Ulster collar, double breasted with button closure, turn-up cuffs, “martingale” back belt, buffalo buttons, and pockets with flaps: these classic designs are the characteristics of the polo coat. The polo coat is said to be based on the Ulster coat, like the trench coat and the tie-locken coat, and is similar in style to the double Chesterfield coat. The polo coat is called “the aristocrat of topcoats” because of its classic and elegant appearance, and is highly favored by fashionable people as a noble item for men’s coordination.


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Elevate your winter tone-on-tone coordinate to luxury with a brown polo coat with a fur collar

A brown polo coat with a luxurious fur collar takes center stage, and dark brown items are used to create a tone-on-tone winter outfit. The beret, turtleneck knit, and fur collar of the polo coat create an elegant look around the face, and the coloring accentuates the adult glamour for a fashionable look. The polo coat is dressy yet sporty because of its origins in the traditional and prestigious ” polo ” game.

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