Gray Coat Codes Men’s Special! Check out our outfits & items with versatile outerwear that matches every style!


Gray Coat Codes Men's Special! Check out our outfits & items with versatile outerwear that matches every style!

Gray coats demonstrate their high potential in a wide range of situations, both on and off the job, and bring an air of sophistication to adult dressing. It is a reassuring outerwear that matches not only chic monotone styles and gradient coordinates, but also all kinds of styling to enhance a sense of fashion. In this issue, we focus on the “Gray Coat” and introduce you to some of the hottest outfits and items!

Tone-on-tone coordinate with a herringbone gray coat and glen plaid suit with a twist

Pitti Snap regular Tito Allegretto shows a tone-on-tone coordinate with a twist, wearing a herringbone gray coat with a glen-check patterned suit with a black turtleneck. The gap between texture and pattern is mitigated by the black turtleneck, while still creating a three-dimensional look. This is the kind of stylish styling that only a man who has worked as a director and VMD (Visual Merchandising Director) for a number of famous Italian brands could have pulled off.

Z Zegna Grey coat

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Style up a simple outfit with a glencheck stainless steel gray coat

The gray coat has a completely different impression depending on the style, such as Chester, Sten-Collar, and Ulster. This gentleman chose a glen check stainless steel collar type from among such gray coats, expressing a simple winter coordinate with a vertical I silhouette. The gray coat with the top two buttons of the fly-front open reveals a brown turtleneck, which enhances the impression of the glen check pattern and improves the style of the simple winter coordinate.

Prada Gray Coat

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