Hooded Coat Men’s Coordinate Special! Accented with a hooded design & recommended items!


Hooded Coat Men's Coordinate Special! Accented with a hooded design & recommended items!

A “hooded coat” is the general term for a coat equipped with a hood, such as a mod coat or a duffle coat. In case of emergency, the hood reduces the effect of wind and rain on the face, and also functions as an accent to change the look of the outfit. In this issue, we focus on the “Hooded Coat” and introduce the most popular outfits and recommended items!

Stylish dress style with military-style hooded coat

Mr. Nishiguchi, director of BEAMS F, wears an olive green M-51 hooded coat with a tied-up striped suit. The hooded coat has a generous silhouette similar to the oversized suits of today, and the black beret emphasizes the military essence of the coat while creating a stylish look that does not feel awkward with the dress style that forms the axis of the coordinate. The reason why the hooded coat is understated and beautiful is because it is a Grenfell item modified from an M-51 mod coat, not a vintage or dead stock coat.

GRENFELL Motorcycle coat Helvellyn

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Minimalist monotone coordinates with a black oversized hooded coat

The trend toward outdoor style and tech fashion in men’s fashion is becoming more and more pronounced, and outerwear equipped with hoods is becoming increasingly popular. The monotone coordinate picked up here uses an oversized hooded coat, which is very current. The combination with wide pants keeps the look minimalistic, and the single open top button of the coat adds just the right amount of slack around the neck with the hood tucked in, while accentuating the loose silhouette and gently dropped shoulders.

Ziggy Chen Hooded Coat

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