A shortcut to a cool adult T-shirt style! What are the 3 advantages of “LEONARDO” for your spring and summer outfits?


A shortcut to a cool adult T-shirt style! What are the 3 advantages of "LEONARDO" for your spring and summer outfits?

The classic spring and summer T-shirt style is all about creating a smart, adult-like impression. The shortest way to achieve this is to choose a T-shirt with a calculated design that can be worn casually but still look sophisticated and classy. The new knit T-shirt “LEONARDO” introduced here can be the real deal.

New type of knit T-shirt “LEONARDO” that can be worn roughly despite its elegant face

The habit of wearing T-shirts not only on holidays but also on weekdays has become common, and plain T-shirts are establishing an unshakable position as the new standard for adults. With delicate knit fabrics and details that cannot be achieved with cut-and-sew, these T-shirts are sure to give the impression of a smart adult just by wearing them.

However, most of the plain, elegant knit T-shirts that brands are focusing on are delicate models that emphasize the scarcity of raw materials and a sense of luxury, and are a bit unrealistic for everyday use. Furthermore, when worn in Japan, where spring and summer months are hot and humid, the feeling of dampness is often a concern, no matter how delicate the material is and how pleasant it is to the touch. GENTLEMAN PROJECTS’ “LEONARDO” was developed to solve such problems with knit T-shirts. While maintaining the appearance of an elegant knit T-shirt, it has a dry touch like deer cloth, a popular summer material, and is easy to care for as it can be washed at home.

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At a glance, it looks like a basic plain knit T-shirt, but the benefits of “LEONARDO,” which was completed through a trial-and-error process to solve all kinds of problems, are significant. In the next section, we will introduce three advantages of choosing “LEONARDO”!

Advantage 1: “”Elegance x coolness x home care OK” is achieved by our attention to the yarn!

The crying point of elegant knitwear is its delicacy. The yarns used in “LEONARDO” are selected not only for their high quality appearance and crisp feel on the skin, but also for their practicality: they are non-transparent, thick, and can be hand-washed at home.

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A new type of knit fabric that is dry on the outside and silky on the inside provides both a luxurious and comfortable fit!

The surface of the knitted fabric is mainly made of “COOL207,” a yarn with a special structure. This is a yarn with a cotton core covered with coiled nylon, which gives it an urban look with little fluff and an appealing dry-touch texture that is easy to pull off the skin. It is comfortable to wear even in the summer because it is not sticky. The reverse side is made of “AMOSSA,” a slightly stretchy yarn with the firmness and elasticity characteristic of polyester. This makes the yarn more dense and less see-through, and its silky feel makes it comfortable to wear on the bare skin.

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Advantage 2: “Evolutionary classic x body-correcting silhouette!

GENTLEMAN PROJECTS’ evolving silhouette aesthetic, which is common to many of its products, is reflected in the “LEONARDO” line, which pursues a contemporary basic style. While knit products with high elasticity can be worn comfortably in a slim-fitting silhouette, their drawback is that they can highlight the lines of the body, including the stomach area. In this respect, “LEONARDO” is finished in a silhouette with just the right amount of room to beautifully correct the lines of the body. The hem and cuffs are tightened with ribbed knitting, so it is a well-balanced design that looks elegant even when worn tucked out.

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Advantage 3: “The rhythm of the knitted fabric, which is typical of knitwear, creates an adult quality that sets it apart from ordinary T-shirts!

The edges of the neck, cuffs, and hem have been changed to a knit-like 1 x 1 ribbed fabric to create a rhythmic design. This subtle knit-like detailing raises the level of elegance for adults, which cannot be achieved with T-shirts. The width of the ribbed knit is adjusted millimeter by millimeter while observing the silhouette balance of each part. The tightness of the ribbing is also finished with an awareness of the proper balance of not being too tight so as not to detract from the open, comfortable feel of a T-shirt.

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Designed for layering with GENTLEMAN PROJECTS’ ironclad model ” LEO Ⅲ “!

This knit T-shirt can be worn alone or layered with a T-shirt. Since the silhouette has been adjusted with layering with the brand’s “LEO Ⅲ” model, a classic model, purchasing them as a set to complete a stylish template for spring/summer coordination is also a strong option. By casually showing the white T-shirt from the neckline and hem to create a sense of slackness, you can create a sophisticated adult coordination that is not too stoic.

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