Everyone can tell it’s of high quality! What is the power of “dress T-shirts” suitable for mature men?


Everyone can tell it's of high quality! What is the power of "dress T-shirts" suitable for mature men?

From now on, you should start thinking about how to wear a T-shirt as soon as possible. In particular, wearing a plain T-shirt is ideal for creating a sophisticated, mature atmosphere, but a cheap T-shirt that looks like underwear will make you look like a small boy. What we want to aim for is a T-shirt of a higher grade that has the quality and elegance befitting an adult man. The “dress T-shirt,” made of luxurious high quality material and designed to fit dress items such as tailored jackets and slacks, is definitely a strong candidate.

GENTLEMAN PROJECTS’ “Dress T-shirt”, which sold out immediately after its first appearance, has evolved and returned!

GENTLEMAN PROJECTS’ “Leo” sold out immediately after its first appearance in the 2019SS. While the T-shirt is a typical casual item, it has a dressy appeal that can be worn with suits, tailored jackets, and slacks without discomfort. The “Leo II” introduced here is a more luxurious version of this gem. It has been updated to look more elegant and sophisticated while maintaining the charm of the previous model.

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Check out the three major evolutionary points of the latest “Leo II” dress T-shirt!

There are three major points of evolution for “Leo II. Let’s focus on each evolutionary point and introduce its charm!

Point 1: “Evolution to the “Parvati” material that everyone knows is of high quality!

Leo Ⅱ” uses a cut-and-sewn fabric named “Pearlvati,” which means a beautiful goddess with gentle and kind heart and golden skin. The fine 32-gauge double-sided knit with a silken finish gives it a firmness that everyone will recognize as a high quality fabric. The high-density fabric has a moderate thickness, so there is no need to worry about the skin becoming transparent even when worn alone with a T-shirt. The silhouette has a three-dimensional feel, and the drape that is created as you move doubles the sex appeal of an adult man.

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Point 2: “The silhouette has been updated with just a little bit of room to evolve into the modern look!

The sexy silhouette with a well-shaped waist and a slightly shorter length that does not look sloppy even when tucked out are “selling points” that were popular in the previous Leo. While maintaining these points, this new version is slightly more relaxed overall, giving it a more modern feel. The exquisite balance of a dressy elegance and a moderately relaxed feel is sure to come in handy with all kinds of coordinates.

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Point 3: “Evolved into a minimalist tailoring that blends well with a wide range of items!

The hem and cuffs have been updated with narrower stitches, and the neckline has been changed to a ribbed transitional design for an extremely minimalist look. The neckline is designed to adhere to the body, and the rib width has been adjusted to give a delicate and elegant impression, making it ideal for use as an inner layer for tailored jackets, just as in the previous version.

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An adult T-shirt that can be used seriously for a long season is also born! Raise the precision of your outfits with “Leo Ⅱ ‘Long sleeve'”!

The long sleeve model newly added to the ” LEO Ⅱ ” lineup is also not to be missed. In addition to the advantages mentioned above, it has a more elegant look than short-sleeved T-shirts and a sportier look than sweaters. Furthermore, there is no problem even if you wear a long-sleeved high-tech innerwear in summer or winter. We hope you will enjoy the unique charm of the long T, which is different from short-sleeved T-shirts, down to the bone.

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Long T-shirts eliminate the discomfort of jacket linings sticking to your arms!

When wearing a short-sleeved T-shirt as an inner layer of a jacket, it is not uncommon for the lining of the sleeves to stick to your arms due to perspiration, but with a Long T, there is no need to worry. Since it is designed to fit as an inner layer of a jacket, it is sure to create a stylish and elegant coordinate just by wearing it with a jacket.

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The T-shirt is also accented with a subtle logo print!

On the left hem of the long T, a logo print is casually placed. It adds a stylish accent to a plain style.

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Both the short-sleeved and long T are available in three realistic colors!

Leo II is available in three orthodox colors: ” White,” “Black,” and “Navy. Since all of the colors can be used realistically, it is recommended to buy them in bulk and use them differently for different days.

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The navy T-shirt is specially designed with a subtle neck gradient that sets the rhythm!

The navy T-shirt expresses a gradation by creating a subtle difference in tone in the color of the ribs, giving it a look with depth. The exquisite accent at the neck will surely eliminate the impression that the T-shirt style is lacking in substance.

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