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What are the 3 pitfalls that make winter coordination look tacky and how to prevent them?


What are the 3 pitfalls that make winter coordination look tacky and how to prevent them?

In this issue, we will introduce some points that are often overlooked in winter coordination that can make you look tacky, as well as some countermeasures.

(1) Only the outerwear looks luxurious, and the combination with the innerwear looks clunky.

In winter coordination, we tend to be satisfied with our favorite outerwear. However, if the taste of the other items combined with the outerwear does not match, the wearer will look like “a person who wears expensive outerwear at his/her own expense. In particular, for outerwear that exudes a sense of class, such as a wool coat with a delicate and smooth texture or a down jacket of a luxury brand that uses a high-quality shiny outer fabric, you should choose an innerwear made of a luxurious material that is appropriate for it. For example, for a T-shirt, we recommend choosing a smooth knitted fabric with a smooth, shiny look and thickness. With a little ingenuity in material selection, you can create a winter coordinate that is one rank above the rest.

↑Comparison of basic jersey knit (left) and smooth knit (right) fabrics. Smooth knitting has a smooth look on both the front and back sides due to the structure of two layers of rib knitting.

(2) Unintended exposure of underwear

Unintentional exposure of innerwear is unexpectedly seen by people around you. Functional innerwear that enhances thermal protection is an indispensable item in winter, but if the undergarments are completely exposed from the neck and sleeves of a T-shirt, it gives people the impression that the wearer is sloppy.

To prevent this, it is recommended that the neck be hidden by a crew neck or high neck, and that the sleeves be hidden by long sleeves. If you have a basic, plain, crew-neck white T-shirt like the one below in your closet, you will not have to worry about choosing an inner layer for your winter outfits. It will not look drab when you take off your outerwear indoors.

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(3) The neck of the top you chose as innerwear is stretched.

In winter outfits, where outerwear is the main item of clothing, it is easy to neglect the selection of innerwear. It is not a good idea to wear a worn-out T-shirt with a stretched-out neckline as an innerwear, even if it can be hidden by outerwear. A distorted or sagging neckline of innerwear is quite noticeable from the outside. Before going out, you should always check in the mirror to make sure that the top you have chosen as an innerwear is not twisted around the neckline, making it look bad.

The T-shirt you want to choose for your winter innerwear is a T-shirt with a pattern that follows the neckline, which prevents the neckline from playing even when worn under an outer layer. A binder neckline that resists stretching and losing its shape is perfect. A layered styling with a coat and cardigan will also give a crisp and tight impression.

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THE LEO “LONGSLEEVE” white long T-shirt to upgrade men’s winter coordination from the inside out

THE LEO “LONG SLEEVE” is recommended for elevating your winter coordination from the inside out while avoiding looking tacky. This item is made of smooth fabric originally ordered from a Japanese textile manufacturer that does business with maison brands all over the world. It has a crew neck that draws a line around the neck, and has a highly durable binder specification. The waist is shaped for easy wear as an inner layer of a tailored jacket, and the arms are designed to be narrow. The LEO series white T-shirts are so popular that all sizes are sold out in a short period of time, so if you are interested, be sure to check them out before they are sold out! Check it out before they sell out!

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