Hamilton’s ” Ventura ” is an unconventional triangular watch! Elvis Presley and others were captivated by it!


Hamilton's " Ventura " is an unconventional triangular watch! Elvis Presley and others were captivated by it!

Hamilton” is a long-established American watch brand that has been in business for 131 years. Hamilton is famous not only for manufacturing military watches for the U.S. military, but also for having graced the wrists of Hollywood stars, and more than 500 movies have featured Hamilton watches. In this issue, we focus on “Ventura,” the revolutionary watch created by Hamilton and loved by Elvis Presley, and introduce its charm and recommended models!

What is Hamilton’s iconic watch ” Ventura “?

Hamilton’s signature model “VENTURA” was born in 1957. As the “world’s first battery-powered wristwatch” powered by an electromagnetic coil, it is a masterpiece that revolutionized the history of watchmaking. Its unconventional design, which adopted a triangular asymmetrical shape, still stands out in the watchmaking world today as a unique and one-of-a-kind piece. Despite its price tag of $200, which was extremely expensive for the time, the Ventura was a phenomenal hit and was sold for seven years before being discontinued, but many people wanted to see it re-launched, and in 1988 it was put back on the market. The brand continues to offer its unique world view, updating its design and functions to keep up with the times.

Check out Hamilton’s ” Ventura

A Ventura on the wrist of the hero of a classic science fiction movie

Hamilton’s Ventura has made a significant contribution not only to the watch industry but also to the movie industry with its unparalleled and innovative design. In the movie ‘ The Twilight Zone,’ the silver dial model caught the eye of screenwriter Rod Serling and appeared in the opening scene. Since then, the watch has been used in such classic films as ‘ Men in Black. Because of its futuristic design, the watch is often used in science fiction films.

Ventura loved by world-famous rock star Elvis Presley

Because of this background, many celebrities, including movie actors and artists, are also patronizers of Ventura watches. Among them, Elvis Presley, the world-famous rock star, is known as a particularly enthusiastic fan of Ventura, and after wearing it in the 1961 movie ‘ Blue Hawaii,’ Elvis became a captive of Ventura. He loved it so much that he gave it to many of his friends as gifts.

The second Ventura that Elvis loved most during his lifetime is in the Hamilton museum collection, along with a jeweler’s receipt.

Why has the Hamilton “Ventura” been loved for so many years?

More than 65 years after its launch, Hamilton’s Ventura is still unwaveringly popular. It was once discontinued, but was reintroduced and has reigned as a Hamilton icon. What is the reason why Hamilton has been loved for so many years?

The appeal of Hamilton’s Ventura (1) “A shocking triangular asymmetrical design created by an industrial design genius

The Ventura attracted attention as the world’s first battery-powered wristwatch, and its innovative asymmetrical case design is one of the reasons it has left its mark on watchmaking history. The design was created by Richard Arbib, who was known as the “industrial design genius” in the United States at the time. When Hamilton asked Arbib to “design a watch with a free conception and no consideration of practicality,” he came up with an asymmetrical design out of the hundreds of drawings he created. This was the sketch named “VENTURA” drawn in May 1956.
(Image: “Ventura” launched in 1957)

The following year, in 1957, the company launched a wristwatch with a shockingly asymmetrical triangular design that seemed to embody the “mid-century modern” look that flourished in the mid-20th century. The dial featured an oscilloscope motif that graphically displayed electrical signals, as well as dot indexes reminiscent of electrons. It is highly regarded as a historically significant wristwatch with a one-of-a-kind design.
(Image: Advertisement at the time of launch)

Check out Hamilton’s ” Ventura “.

Attraction of Hamilton “Ventura” (2) ” Swiss-made, yet accessible and cost-effective

Although the spirit is in the United States, the current production of Hamilton watches is entrusted to Switzerland, the home of watches. Among the models equipped with Swiss-made movements, the Ventura watches maintain an excellent cost-performance ratio, with the standard model available for less than 150,000 yen and the high-spec model for less than 300,000 yen. While it is a masterpiece that has revolutionized the watchmaking scene, Ventura’s strength lies in the fact that it is accessible to those who can afford to spend a little more money.

Check out Hamilton’s “Ventura

Recommended models of Hamilton “Ventura” by type!

Ventura is still evolving, with the case changed to highly durable stainless steel in 1999, and models with chronograph movements and oversize models introduced. With such a rich lineup, many people may be at a loss as to which one to choose. Here we introduce recommended Ventura models that you should keep in mind, divided into two types: standard quartz models and mechanical (self-winding) models!

Standard “quartz” models, Ventura’s mainstay

Hamilton “Ventura” recommended quartz models 1) “Ventura

If you are looking for a classic Ventura, check out this model that follows the design from the time of its release in 1957. It is available with two different dials and four different straps, including a molded cowhide leather strap that was featured in the ‘ Men in Black’ movie series and an elastic gold and silver strap. The wearer can enjoy changing the bracelet according to his/her mood, just as Elvis Presley, who was fascinated by Ventura, used to do. This is the most popular model in the Ventura series.

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Hamilton “Ventura” Recommended Quartz Model (2) “Ventura”

This model, which was introduced to commemorate the 60th anniversary of Ventura, is decorated with denim material on the dial and bracelet, which is a representative American workwear and has now become a royal fashion item. If you are looking for a different design while keeping the base of the standard model, why not choose this eye-catching model among the Ventura models?

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Hamilton Ventura Recommended Quartz Model 3: “Ventura XXL Bright

This is a model that adds a modern essence to the good old Ventura. The chic all-black look and the large 47.6 mm wide stainless steel case with sophisticated black PVD coating give it a strong presence, and when the button at the 9 o’clock position is pressed, part of the dial glows red for a modern look. A bold upgrade of the original 1950s model, this cutting-edge model is sure to tickle men’s fancy.

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Hamilton “Ventura” recommended quartz model 4: “Ventura Chrono Quartz

Based on the original design, this model has been updated with a chronograph that gives it a sporty look. The ladder scale and three in-dials are stylishly arranged in a triangle shape, creating a highly legible model.

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Mechanical (self-winding) models in the lineup of “out of the box” classic designs

Hamilton “Ventura” recommended mechanical model 1) “Ventura Open Heart Auto

This open-heart type watch is boldly cut around 12 o’clock on the dial, allowing the wearer to look at the movement while wearing the watch. 11.5mm thick, it is thicker than a regular quartz watch, and its size is almost one size larger, so it adds a sense of dignity to the wrist while still maintaining elegance.

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Hamilton “Ventura” Recommended Mechanical Model (2) “Ventura S Auto

This is a self-winding model with a simple design that eliminates waste. The design is extremely minimalist, with a relatively small width of 38mm and the bracelet and dial in the same color. With a silver case that has a satin-like luster and a dial with a strong presence, this is a highly versatile model that can be worn with a wide range of outfits, from clean-cut to casual.

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Hamilton “Ventura” Recommended Mechanical Model 3: “Ventura Elvis 80 Auto

This model is a tribute to Elvis Presley, who was an avid fan of Ventura. It features a large case with a width of 44.6 cm. It is equipped with Hamilton’s exclusive H-10 movement, which was improved for Hamilton by ETA of Switzerland, and is a tough model with a power reserve of approximately 80 hours, as befitting a model introduced on the 80th anniversary of Elvis’s birth.

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