Tassel Loafers Men’s Special! Selected Recommended Models!


Tassel Loafers Men's Special! Selected Recommended Models!

The ” tassel loafer ” is a staple item in men’s fashion that boasts a high level of popularity among loafers. There is a wide range of choices, from American brands, which are the originators of the loafer, to Italian and British brands. This time, we focus on tassel loafers and introduce some items of note!

What is a Tassel Loafer?

Tasseled loafers are, as the name suggests, loafers with tassels attached to the instep of the upper shoe. The history of the loafer began in 1948 when Paul Lucas, a Hollywood actor, ordered a pair of leather shoes with tassels attached to the laces from England from two American shoe manufacturers. Both shoemakers asked the American leather shoe brand Alden to produce the shoes, and Alden became the first brand to make tasseled loafers.

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Are Tassel Loafers Lawyer Shoes?

Later, in 1957, Brooks Brothers, a representative of the American traditional style, made tassel loafers, which became very popular among students on the East Coast of the United States. They are sometimes called “lawyer’s shoes” because the businessmen and lawyers who were students at that time and who loved wearing tassel loafers preferred them as leather shoes that were formal like string shoes and light like loafers. Many of them are elegant and designed to be easily matched with suits.

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