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Bit loafers What’s the point of a good coordination? Examples of elegant men’s outfits.


Bit loafers What's the point of a good coordination? Examples of elegant men's outfits.

The bit loafer was developed in 1953 by Aldo Gucci, son of Guccio Gucci, founder of the Italian luxury brand GUCCI, inspired by a slip-on worn by an American man while traveling in New York. The elegant bit loafer, with its harness-like decoration, combines the comfort of a moccasin with the fashion and elegance of a dressy shoe, and can be worn with a variety of outfits, from formal to casual, with a sense of fashionable sophistication. In this issue, we focus on the ” Bit Loafer ” and introduce styling tips, international men’s coordination for reference, and recommended items!

Bit loafers are worn with ankle-length pants to show off bare feet and give off a sophisticated vibe that makes a difference!

The bit loafer is popular among both men and women and has been worn by Hollywood stars such as John Wayne and Clark Gable, as well as female style icons like Jane Birkin and Brigitte Bardot. The right way to wear them is to keep the comfort of a slip-on while adding sophistication and elegance, and we recommend pairing them with ankle-length bottoms that accentuate the horsebit. Fashionable people always wear foot covers or no socks to show their bare feet between the bottoms to create a sophisticated atmosphere around their feet. Be careful not to wear full-length wide pants or baggy denim, which hide the harness-like decorations and spoil the look.

Bit Loafer Coding Points 1To make the feet of barefooted bit loafers look more natural, brown suede material that blends well with the skin is an option

Slip-on styles that are easy to take off and put on make bare feet look more summery. To make bit loafers look more natural on the feet, brown suede material such as beige or camel that blends well with the skin is a strong choice. The gloss and graininess of outer leather may make it uncomfortable to wear bit loafers barefoot, but brown suede, which is less shiny and more natural, is sleek to look at and eliminates such concerns. In particular, even beginners who wear loafers barefoot will be able to conquer them without any difficulty.

Bit Loafer Codes (2)When wearing bit loafers in spring and summer, it is the right approach to let your bare feet peek out to accentuate the loose look of your feet

When wearing bit loafers in spring and summer, let your bare feet peek out to create a cool and casual look on your feet. It is the usual technique of Italian designers to let their bare feet peek out to create a cool and cozy look when wearing bit loafers in the spring and summer. Of course, it is a prerequisite to wear foot covers or no socks to create an open look and accentuate the comfort of the slip-on shoes. Since it is important to look like you are wearing bare feet, sneaker socks or short socks that do not fit inside the loafer are prohibited, as they spoil the “casual” look and make you look dowdy. If you are not comfortable wearing bare feet in leather shoes because you are concerned about the steaminess and odor of your feet, consider wearing foot covers for loafers.

Bit Loafer Codes ③

By combining bit loafers and jeans, you can mix the luxurious atmosphere of bit loafers with the rough feel of jeans, and show off a mature, comfortable and casual look. The completely different presence of the two items will resonate with an effortless mood and a relaxed feel, giving the styling a “casual” look that will naturally come out of the bag. Of course, when styling, don’t forget to adjust the length of the jeans so that the horsebit, which creates an elegant atmosphere and a sense of class, is not hidden.

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