Tassel Loafer Cordage Special! Featured men’s outfits and recommendations for versatile leather shoes!


Tassel Loafer Cordage Special! Featured men's outfits and recommendations for versatile leather shoes!

Tassel loafers with tassels attached to the upper give an elegant look to the feet. They are versatile enough to fit not only dress styles such as suits and jackets, but also casual styles, and are versatile enough to be worn barefoot. In this issue, we focus on the “tassel loafer” and introduce the history of its birth, recommended items, and noteworthy outfits!

The originator of the tassel loafer is that ” Alden “. The first person to wear them was a Hollywood actor!

The history of the tassel loafer is surprisingly short, dating back to 1948. It all started when Paul Lucas, a Hollywood actor, asked shoe makers in New York and Los Angeles to “make a simpler design” for the leather shoes with tassels on the shoelaces that he had acquired in England at the time. However, both manufacturers asked Alden to make shoes for them, and Alden became the first brand to create tasseled loafers. Paul Lucas then became the first owner of the tassel loafer.

Later, in 1957, Brooks Brothers, a leading American traditional brand, created the tassel loafer, which became very popular among students on the East Coast of the United States. They are sometimes called “lawyers’ shoes” because businessmen and lawyers who were students at that time and who loved tassel loafers loved them as leather shoes that were as formal as laces and as light as loafers.

Incidentally, it is only in the U.S. and Japan, where the Ivy and preppy styles have strong roots, that tasseled loafers are worn with formal suit styles. By international standards, casual use is the norm.

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