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Dissecting all T-shirt models from Taurus! 13 men’s models to elevate your summer coordinate


Dissecting all T-shirt models from Taurus! 13 men's models to elevate your summer coordinate

TARATLUS is famous for its luxurious down jackets and other outerwear. While the name recognition of its mainstay items has given a strong impression of fall and winter items, T-shirts, which are actually the mainstay of spring and summer items, are also available in a wide variety of well-designed, high-quality models. In this issue, we focus on T-shirts from TARATLAS, introducing 13 current models and their interesting features!

Be sure to keep your eyes on the T-shirts other than down jackets as well! What are the features of T T-shirts?

The brand “TATRAS” is known for its beautifully calculated silhouettes and functionality. Its characteristics are also firmly reflected in its T-shirts, and there are a variety of models that can achieve a classy casual coordinate. The lineup includes many models made of high quality materials, such as luxurious materials made of high quality cotton with high strength and low shedding, silken and bio-processed materials, durable milled fabrics, and jersey materials with luster and bounce. The design options range from simple T-shirts with a one-point logo, to high-impact models with a large logo, to industrial-inspired pocket T-shirts. The silhouettes are mainly moderately oversized or slim, which is another reason for their popularity. It is also nice to know that all items are made in Japan. TATLUS T-shirts are made of high quality materials and have a high level of design that sets them apart from the rest, making them perfect for elevating the casual look of adults.

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From here, we will introduce a total of 13 T-shirt models in three categories: editor’s recommended models, models with a stronger presence with logos, and simple models!

Editor’s Recommended 5 T-shirts by TARATLAS

Editor's Recommended T-shirts

A smaller brand logo is placed on the chest and the iconic three-star T-shirt logo is placed around the neck on the back, The brand’s standard T-shirt “SELO”. The logo is printed with a three-dimensional crimped print, which gives it a different design from the usual one-point logo T-shirts. The material is a high quality cotton with high strength and minimal shedding, and has been treated with a silken finish and bio treatment to give it a soft and luxurious texture. The quality of the material is distinctly different from that of inexpensive T-shirts. The silhouette is a comfortable relaxed fit, making it easy to use. Khaki is a new color this season.

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フロントやバックにデカロゴをプリントしたTシャツはよくあるが、こちらの「PHIENO」はサイドに However, this “PHIENO” features a unique design with a bold, large logo on the side. The logo print is arranged in the “stencil style” often used in the military, and the military taste is also an appealing feature of this T-shirt. Usually, T-shirts have a seam on the side, but this T-shirt has a center back seam to show off the side print. The center stitching on the back of the T-shirt is also a design feature that can be enjoyed.

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Editor's recommended T-shirtsVENTO

T-shirt “VENTO” with a three-dimensional gusseted flap pocket made of different materials on the left chest. The pocket has a silver D-can, and the combination of metals, which is rarely seen on ordinary T-shirts, is industrial and tickles men’s hearts. A star logo crimp print is added to the upper part of the T-shirt, which is also a Tatras signature. The oversized, loose-fitting model is recommended for those who want to enjoy a relaxed, modern style.

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Editor's Recommended T-shirtsAION

The “AION” T-shirt has a simple small logo on the front and a large logo with a strong presence printed on the back. We recommend this T-shirt for those who prefer a subtle back print to a more obvious front print. Like the “PHIENO,” this model also uses a pattern that takes printing into consideration, and the sleeves are attached in a way that does not interfere with the back print. The front is a set-in sleeve, while the back is a “kimono sleeve,” a single piece of fabric with no seam between the body and the sleeve. Taurus’ attention to detail in arranging the manufacturing process to suit each individual model, with design as the first priority, is another of Taurus’ charms.

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Editor's recommendation: Tatras T-shirts⑤Foam print with unique expression of three-dimensional letters

Foam print uses ink containing a foaming agent to create a rounded texture that can be expanded by applying heat. LOGADO” is a one-point logo T-shirt that uses such a unique printing technique. The foam print is used to form only the shadows of the three-dimensional letters, creating an interesting effect that makes the three-dimensional letters appear from a distance. TARATLAS also offers other T-shirts with one-pointed designs, but it is this kind of technical arrangement that distinguishes the brand from its competitors.

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Four Tatras “T-Shirts” with Effective Logo Designs

Tatras T-shirts with a cool logo design (1)EION

“EION” with the same design and size as the “AION” introduced in the editorial department recommendation category above. This one has a different coloring of the print. This one has a different coloring of the print. While “AION” has a contrast between the color of the body and the color of the print, “EION” features a logo in a subdued tone that blends in with the color of the body. If you are looking for a mature-looking big logo T-shirt, check out this model.

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Tatras T-shirts with cool logo designs (2)ANICETO

The simple rubber print logo is layered with a foam print logo whose surface expands to add three-dimensional effect. ANICETO”. This model with a sense of fun is recommended for those who are not satisfied with ordinary logo T-shirts. The design is perfect as a single piece, so it can be worn with simple bottoms for a more mature look.

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TATLAS T-shirt with a cool logo design (3)TATO

“TATO” expresses a vintage atmosphere by applying a washing process to a back hair material with excellent moisture absorption and breathability. By placing a logo patch in the same color as the body color, even the logo T-shirt does not pop too much, but has landed on a calm design that even adults can easily adopt. The logo badge is left uncut, which is another detail that evokes a vintage taste.

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Tatras T-shirts with a cool logo design (4)OSTOMO

The Tatras logo is arranged in a graffiti art style and updated with a street-inspired design. The three-dimensional logo with fine textures is very attractive. A piece that gives off a different vibe from the usual Tatras, for those who want to enjoy a mature street style.

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Four Tatras “T-Shirts” with simple designs that are easy to wear.


subtitle=”Simple and easy-to-use T-shirts by TATLUS (1)”]

This simple T-shirt has just a discreet star logo on the left sleeve and a pocket on the left chest. The sleeve length is short and the fit is just right, creating a design that can be worn beautifully despite the casual look of the pocket T-shirt. The milled fabric used for this T-shirt is characterized by its dry touch and crisp feel, and is also stretchable and resistant to damage. This is a must-see model for those who are looking for a simple T that can be worn hard. Check out the refreshing saxophone color, which is not found in other models.

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Simple and easy-to-use T-shirts from TATLAS (2)MARTELLO

This is “MARTELLO” with a different material switching in the upper and lower body and sleeves. It is composed of two types of cotton: cotton with an elegant sheen and shirt fabric. The contrast of textures created by the switch of different materials is appealing and gives a simple yet sophisticated impression. The modest side slits at the hem add a subtle 3D effect to the silhouette.

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Simple and easy to use TATRAS T-shirts (3)Look closely and you'll see the 'T'! LOGELO

Pick up an effortless T-shirt in pile fabric from the “TATRAS RESORT COLLECTION” launched in the 2024SS season. This T-shirt is arranged based on the TATRAS standard T-shirt, and the soft and water-absorbent pile fabric offers a different kind of comfort from the high-quality cotton used in other models. The length and sleeve length are the same as the base model, while the body and sleeve width are slightly slimmer to create a sleek silhouette. A closer look at the fabric reveals that it is woven in a monogram pattern jacquard combining the letter “T” of TATRAS.

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Simple and easy to use TATRAS T-shirt 4Mock neck T 'MILIO'

This is also a piece from the “TATRAS RESORT COLLECTION”. This T-shirt has a mock neck design with a star logo printed on the side of the neck, which can be seen when worn with an open-necked shirt, allowing you to enjoy a stylish layered style. The neckline is designed to be comfortable, yet not too tight, so it is recommended for those who are new to mock necks or those who are not comfortable with necklines. The material used is an original jersey with luster and bounce, knitted with high-density yarns that have minimal fluff. The silhouette is sleek and does not pick up the body line, creating a classy T-shirt style.

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