Rain Shoes/Boots to make you look smart on rainy days! Recommended items for men!


Rain Shoes/Boots to make you look smart on rainy days! Recommended items for men!

On rainy days, the range of coordination is limited and the mood tends to become gloomy. In particular, the choice of footwear is greatly limited by the fact that leather shoes and other water-sensitive items are not allowed. Rain shoes play a leading role on such rainy days. Not only can you wear them without worrying about getting wet, but nowadays there are many well-designed items that will lift your gloomy mood. In this issue, we focus on ” rain shoes/boots ” and introduce you to some items that are sure to get your attention!

Don’t call them boots! Rain Boots, Your Reliable Partner for Rainy Days

Rain boots are a reliable and most promising choice of shoes for rainy days. Some people may have the impression that they are too wild because of the image of boots, but nowadays there are many stylish models that can be worn with dress styles without any discomfort. Here, we will introduce you to the hottest rain boots that can be your reliable partner on rainy days!

When it comes to rain boots, this is it! HUNTER Rain Boots “, a classic model of the long-established brand that has won a Royal Warrant.

HUNTER” is a brand of rubber boots that originated in Scotland in 1858. It has been granted a Royal Warrant by the Duke of Edinburgh in 1977 and by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in 1986. (Royal Warrant) by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in 1986. The standard model side gore boots are simple rain boots accented with the brand logo on the front. The fit is comfortable and waterproof, so there is no problem even if you are actively wearing them in locations with poor footing!

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The elegant design that looks like it’s made of leather fits easily into your dress style! MACKINTOSH LONDON Rain Boots “

Inheriting the DNA of the long-established British outerwear brand Mackintosh, “Mackintosh London” proposes not only outerwear but also a total authentic collection that fits every scene in daily life. Mackintosh London will launch the brand’s first rain shoes in spring/summer 2018. These rain boots are made of PVC material with excellent weather and water resistance, and the upper and sole are integrally molded from leather shoes with a side gore design. The elegant form, with a leather-like appearance, is a perfect match with dress styles.

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MACKINTOSH PHILIPPINO has introduced the category of rain shoes to men’s fashion! MACKINTOSH PHILOSOPHY Rain Boots CARDIFF

MACKINTOSH PHILOSOPHY” is developed by SANYO as the second line of MACKINTOSH, which is popular as a long-established brand representing the United Kingdom. The CARDIFF side gore rain boot, which introduced the “rain shoe” category to the men’s shoe market, is made of waterproof PVC, faithfully reproducing the subtle nuances of leather, including its unique wrinkled texture.

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