How to raise the level of your summer black T-shirt coordination to outdo those around you?


How to raise the level of your summer black T-shirt coordination to outdo those around you?

Along with white T-shirts, black T-shirts are a summer staple for men. Because it is a staple item, we would like to create a different coordination by differentiating our item selection and dressing techniques. We received a question from one of our readers, “Is there any technique for wearing a black T-shirt in summer that sets it apart from the others?” In response to this question, we will introduce four topics focusing on black T-shirts!

Summer Black T-Shirt Coordinates (1) “Take your outfits to the next level by making full use of layering.

If you want to make a change from the others, it is effective to coordinate by making full use of layering; you can wear a tank top or other innerwear under the T-shirt to enjoy a one-point layered look, but if you want to make it easy to understand, we recommend layering a black T-shirt and a vest. For example, a denim vest worn over a black T-shirt, pants, and shoes. You can see how the simple all-black summer coordinate is completely transformed by the addition of this vest. If you find yourself in a rut with your black T-shirt coordination, why not try matching your vest in front of the mirror?

Editor I
I used to avoid all-black summer coordinates because they looked too hot, but after seeing this snap, I reconsidered that a blue denim vest might be good for a cool and refreshing look. I am sure there are many men who agree with me, so if you are one of them, why don’t you try wearing cool colors in layers?

Is “transparent layering” a trend? Coordinates with knit items layered on top of each other

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I went to Pittiwomo in June 2023 to cover the event, and one thing that stood out among the men entering the site was “transparent layers.” Many of them layered thin or coarse knit items on top of cut and sewn items to enjoy the transparency. Although it may seem a bit challenging to show the inner layer, if you use simple items that are not too transparent and do not have logo prints, you will have a much better chance of success.

Summer black T-shirt coordination (2) “Create a reinforced version of contrast with two axes: “color” and “silhouette.

Coordinating items in extreme tones, such as white and black, is basically well-balanced when contrasting them with colors. To further strengthen the contrast, it is advisable to pay attention to the balance of silhouettes. In this coordination with a black T-shirt and white pants, the contrast between the top and bottom is clearly contrasted. The combination of the T-shirt and pants is a box silhouette with a short length and loose silhouette to strengthen the contrast between the top and bottom. The fact that the entire body is kept in a monotone coordinate of only black and white is also a good choice.

Summer black T-shirt coordination (3) “Adopt a vintage black T-shirt that allows you to greatly enjoy the expression of the faded fabric.

If you want to add originality to your T-shirt coordination, you can rely on vintage items, which are basically one-of-a-kind and have very little chance of being worn the same way as others. Vintage T-shirts look cool in any color, but black T-shirts have the advantage that the faded color makes it easy to enjoy the vintage look. Moreover, since the stains are not noticeable, it is also easy to avoid the stains that tend to appear on vintage items. If you want to create an advanced summer coordinate with vintage items, why not look for a faded black T-shirt?

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While it’s fun to frequent thrift stores to find your favorite band or cinema T-shirts, you can also purchase items from brands that specialize in vintage processing. Although they are a bit pricey, I recommend SAINT MICHAEL and other brands with unique designs. However, personally, if I’m going to buy vintage-looking items, I want to buy the real thing, so I’ll marathon the vintage clothing stores until I find what I want (lol). Once you do, it might be interesting to check out a store like anytee that specializes in vintage T-shirts.


Summer Black T-shirt Codes (4) “Inserting pop accents into a black-main coord

Black T-shirt coordination, especially black-mainly black coordination, has a stoic image as well as the hotness mentioned in (1). Of course, that is cool in its own way, but it is also good to season it with bright or pop images in a summery way. This man we encountered during Milan Fashion Week was wearing a black T-shirt and black pants with flashy sneakers from Enterprise Japan on his feet. The sneakers on his feet made his solid outfit pop at once.

Editor I
Sneakers with a pop design look great with summer outfits, so they will be used not only to accentuate black coordinates, but also in various other situations. The sneaker brand Enterprise Japan is an Italian brand that was launched in 2021, and is already available on Farfetch.

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