18 Gurkha Sandal Recommendations! A selection of men’s essential summer items


18 Gurkha Sandal Recommendations! A selection of men's essential summer items

Summer coordinates tend to be casual with T-shirts and shorts. And when you add sandals to your feet, they inevitably look a little too childish. This is where Gurkha sandals come in handy. While ensuring breathability and ease of walking, Gurkha sandals also have a dress element that is not found in regular sandals. In this issue, we pick up recommended items under the theme of “Gurkha Sandals.

What are the origins and popularity of Gurkha sandals?

Gurkha sandals originally originated from shoes worn by Gurkha soldiers who were organized as mercenaries in 19th century British India. The upper part woven with leather straps is the most distinctive feature. Unlike ordinary open-toed sandals, the toe and heel are securely fastened. While covering the weak point of sandals, which can be said to be their weak point in terms of holding power, the braided upper ensures breathability without steaminess.

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The appearance of these sandals is also elegant and smart. Many sandals are designed with a less casual, dress shoe-like approach, and can be described as “dress sandals. As proof of this, prestigious dress shoe brands in the U.K. and elsewhere also manufacture Gurkha sandals. Many items that can be worn casually by adults are being developed.

Gurkha sandals, a staple of summer men’s footwear, are worn by many at Pitti!

Even in Florence, Italy, where summer temperatures are often higher than in Japan, many men were seen wearing Gurkha sandals and strutting around coolly. The Gurkha sandals are not only practical in that they are easy to walk in and less stuffy than dress shoes, but they are also highly popular because they do not lose their elegant atmosphere.

How to choose the size of Gurkha sandals?

Unlike ordinary sandals that do not have a kakato, Gurkha sandals, which have a constructed design and are made of leather, can cause shoe sores if you choose the wrong size. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a size that fits your feet perfectly. The more you wear them, the more the leather will adjust to your feet and become a little softer, so it is recommended that you choose a size that is just right or a little small, just as you would with leather shoes. That said, there are basically side straps that allow for fine size adjustment, so please feel free to choose the right size.

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Recommended Gurkha sandal models are introduced from the next section!

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