DIESEL and LEE Team Up! Collection “DISELOVES LEE” launches today!


DIESEL and LEE Team Up! Collection "DISELOVES LEE" launches today!

Diesel, founded in 1978, and Lee®, founded in 1889, will launch a capsule collection on March 7, 2024. The denim pants are a collaboration between the two popular denim brands!

Check out the video about the DIESEL and Lee® collaboration here!

What is the background of the unique collaboration between DIESEL and Lee®?

DIESEL has devised an ongoing program called ” DIESELOVES ” for brands in the same industry that are generally considered competitors, calling on them to share their existing material, production, and creative resources to make a difference together. The first of these partnerships, DIESELOVESLEE, was announced last December with a limited pre-sale in Japan and Europe, and the capsule collection will finally go on sale worldwide on March 7 (Thursday).

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What do the respective directors of DIESEL and Lee® think of the significance of the collaboration?

Denim is now an everyday item that everyone has. This collaboration was born out of the commitment of the two denim brands to find new creative value in their respective dead stock.

Click here for more details about DIESELOVES LEE!

DIESEL’s Creative Director “Glenn Martins” comments

“It is easier to create something new than to reuse a garment. But I believe it is important to start with a small call to action. This capsule collection was the ideal opening act for DIESELOVES’ ongoing project. It is a deliberate approach to tackle the long-standing problem of overproduction through the collective creativity of two denim brands that have different logos but offer products in the same category.”

Simon Fisher, Managing Director of Lee® Europe, commented.

“We are proud to be part of this innovative initiative. It is our commitment to drive meaningful change by bringing together our expertise. Through this collection, Lee® and DIESEL are redefining competition by prioritizing innovation.”

What makes the DIESELOVES LEE collection unique?

The two denim brands teamed up to create a capsule collection using fabrics sourced from their respective dead stocks. Each pair of DIESELOVES LEE jeans is one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted and upcycled from different lengths and silhouettes. Developed by harmoniously combining different fits, sizes, and finishes, the DIESELOVES LEE features unique details such as customized trims, cutouts, and needle-stitched side seams. The jeans are available in four styles, including two straight fits and two boot-flare fits, with the front of the jeans being Diesel and the back panel Lee® or vice versa.

Release date: Thursday, March 7, 2024

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