What is Steve McQueen’s beloved Babur masterpiece ” International


What is Steve McQueen's beloved Babur masterpiece " International

Barbour” is a brand that produces jackets with a classic mood and is famous as a symbol of the United Kingdom. When walking down the street, you can often see fashionable men wearing these jackets in cool outfits. This time, we focus on the strikingly designed ” Interenational. The charm of International, which continues to be loved even now, is thoroughly explained!

Barbour” is a long-established outdoor brand recognized in the U.K.

Barbour” was founded by John Babur in 1984 in South Shields, northeastern England. For sailors, fishermen, and dockworkers working in the North Sea in unfavorable weather conditions, he launched a waterproof jacket made of oiled cloth for laborers, and his innovative jackets with unprecedented durability made his name known to the world. Since 1974, the company has been honored with a ” Royal Warrant ” by the Duke of Edinburgh, Her Majesty the Queen, and His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, and has been deeply involved in British history. The company has also shown its involvement with British activities such as hunting, fishing, and horseback riding, and has acquired the status of a leading British outdoor brand. Today, the brand is gaining popularity, especially among adult men, as one of the fashion items that can be used not only outdoors but also for town use.

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International”, a masterpiece representing Bubur

The history of the ” International ” began in 1936, when Duncan Babur, grandson of John Babur, developed it for a motorcycle racing riders’ jacket. The International, with its high functionality and sophisticated design, was adopted by the British National Trial Racing Team and has been called “the beginning of all riders’ jackets” and “synonymous with riders’ jackets. Worn by many racers and the famous American actor Steve McQueen, the International has become a popular item, spurring its popularity. Here, we will explain in detail the characteristics of the International, which has been loved for a long time.

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Characteristics of the Bubur International (1) “8-ounce waxed cotton fabric

The International’s fabric is made of waxed cotton, which is the symbol of Bubur. This waterproof fabric is made by soaking several layers of oil into a tightly woven cotton fabric, and the more it is worn, the more it becomes more attractive. While it looks austere and is lightweight and comfortable to wear, it is also waterproof, coldproof, and durable, which is a key point that captures the hearts of men. While other standard models are made of 6 oz. waxed cotton, the International is made of 8 oz. waxed cotton, which is slightly thicker. Since this is a motorcycle jacket, it is more resistant to wind and is expected to increase warmth.

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BABUA International’s feature (2) “striking design that catches the eye

In addition to its rugged appearance, the International has an eye-catching design that is unforgettable once seen. There are four large pockets on the front. The left breast pocket, commonly known as the ” map pocket,” is designed at an angle to make it easier to take things out, another notable and distinctive detail. As the name suggests, bikers used to put maps in this pocket in those days. The other pockets also have a large capacity with gussets and flap pockets to prevent things inside from coming out. The contrasting dull gold buttons add a touch of sophistication to the outfit. It also has excellent storage capacity, so those who originally have little luggage can go out lightly with just this one piece.

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BABUA International’s feature (3): “Belt design to give your outfits a bit of flair.

The International differs from other standard items in that it is equipped with a waist belt. This is not just a design feature; it was added to prevent the jacket from flapping in the wind when riding a motorcycle. The belt can be tightened when you want to create a more formal look, or left hanging for a more relaxed look when you want to dress more casually. The thick belt is also useful as an accent to your coordinate.

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BABUA International’s feature 4: “Lots of features that take windproofing and cold protection into consideration.

Because it is a model made for bikers, there are many details that consider windproof and cold-proofing in every part. The collar has a chinstrap lined with high-quality corduroy, and can be used to cover the upper part of the neck. It is designed to keep the wearer from feeling as cold as possible when exposed to the wind. In addition, two snap buttons on the cuffs allow the sleeves to be widened or narrowed depending on the application. In addition to providing wind and cold protection, the silhouette can be changed according to the outfit of the day, making this item a well-balanced and stylish item.

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BABUA International’s feature 5: “Lining in BABUA’s original tartan, which is stylish even when taken off.

The lining is lined with Babur’s original tartan that exudes Britishness. The original pattern, developed with the Scottish kilt maker ” Kinlock Anderson,” is one of the symbolic details of Babur. The pattern varies from model to model, but the International has a classic beige-based tartan called “Dress” dropped into it. For extra warmth, an optional liner can be added. The authentic tartan check adds a traditional touch to your outfits and brings you to an English style at once.

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BABUA International’s feature (6): “Ventilated to prevent stuffiness

Because the material is firm and windproof, heat tends to stay inside, so the underarms are actually ventilated. Thanks to this ventilation, it improves air permeability and prevents stuffiness for a comfortable fit. The attention to design that has been paid to ventilation in areas that are not visible when the wearer is wearing the garment is also very impressive.

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